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Start by Becoming a Mangaka 764 The Next Riddle

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"How did you know that we were there?" Mayuki asked.

"Intuition, I thought that you might have finished half of the riddle and that is why I decided to come to that place," Yuuki said since he wouldn't tell them that he heard their scream from the magic item that he was used to protecting them. He didn't tell them since he wanted to make it similar to a secret charm or something.

"Do you really catch sharks?" Yuzuru asked.

"Yes, there is, you should try it when we go back to the manor," Yuuki said.

Kuina looked at the next riddle, "I wonder what does this mean, 'Pirates don't cry' where is the next spot?"

"Let's go back first, you can ask that to Yamaguchi since she is a local," Yuuki said.

They nodded and went back to the place where they were staying.


"Ah... I want to eat a shark too," Genta said while caressing his stomach. His weight had increased by at least 5 kilograms but he still wanted to eat. He sighed, "I wonder if a shark is as good as an eel."


Suddenly a sound came from his stomach, "I am hungry."

"..." They were speechless looking at him.

Conan looked at his stomach and couldn't help but twitch his lips. He looked at him and said, "Yuuki-nii has given us some part of the shark to Ran-neechan and Sonoko-neechan."

The three of them who heard the news were excited.


"Yes, they might be cooking it right now for our dinner," Conan said.


They didn't hesitate and started to ride their bicycle faster to go back.

"W - Wait for me!" Genta said.


They went back to their manor and they saw that everyone was preparing a shark for dinner. They thought that the shark would be small but they didn't expect that it would be this big.

"It wouldn't surprise this shark to bite someone," Ranko said.


The one who went diving was silent when they heard her.

"W - What happened?" Ranko asked.

"Nothing, this shark had tried to bite his little brother earlier and got killed instead," Utaha said.


The one who went on the treasure hunt earlier was very worried.

"How is your little brother? Is it alright?" Yukana didn't hesitate and opened his pants.

Ranko also joined in to look at his little brother.

Both of them sighed in relief when they saw that his little brother was alright.

Yuuki was too speechless to respond to them. He looked at Utaha who gave him a mischievous smile. He was glad that she did not say anything about the incident earlier since it would make the atmosphere gloomy.


Kogorou looked outside and saw a helicopter flying to the hotel. He saw the helicopter landing and was a bit surprised when he saw the one who was coming, "Inspector Megure? Why are you here?" He felt that it was just a small case and it wasn't necessary for him to come.

"Well, there is something that I need to talk to them about," Megure said.

Takagi came toward Kogorou and told him the robbery that was happening in the past and it had a connection with the thing that was happening here.

Kogorou nodded and followed them to talk with the treasure hunters.

Both of the treasure hunters who were called by the police started to talk to each other. They only smiled and said that they had no idea who had put the bag of fish blood on the wetsuit.

"Don't lie, your job is already very suspicious," Kogorou said.

"There isn't any evidence that you can't say anything like that to us," one of the treasure hunters said.

The atmosphere became tense between the two groups until Shiratori came and brought them a juice to drink.

The treasure hunters didn't touch the drink and only smoked without saying anything. They said that they needed to take a rest but Takagi stopped them and asked them to lend him a match to lit his cigarette.

One of the treasure hunters snorted but still gave him the match. They didn't wait for them to finish and went back to their room.

"Inspector, can I drink this juice?" Kogorou asked.

"Well, they don't drink the juice, you can drink it," Megure said.

"Sigh, I guess it won't be too easy to get their fingerprints," Shiratori said.

"That's not the case," Takagi suddenly said and showed them the match that he had gotten from one of the treasure hunters.

"Takagi, are you smoking?" Sato asked.

"N - No!" Takagi hurriedly took out his cigarette and said, "This is to get this match from them."

"Match?" They were confused by him.

"Don't worry, I will show you something," Takagi said.

They nodded and went together to the police station.

"Oh, right! Do you have UHU glue?" Takagi asked.


They had eaten the shark and the taste was pretty good since it was similar to chicken and it was a bit meaty and mild but overall it was pretty good. They had done their dinner and they were talking about the next riddle.

"Pirates don't cry, huh?" Yuuki wasn't sure about this riddle since he wasn't very knowledgable about the geography in this location.

"I am not sure about 'pirates don't cry' but I know the place where 'pirates cry'," Yamaguchi suddenly said.


"Where is it?" Kuina asked.

"It's not that far from here," Yamaguchi said.

"How about you guys go out tomorrow since it is quite late," Yaeko said.

Ito didn't say anything and sipped the tea calmly.

Yuuki looked at the sky and it was quite windy right now. He was sure that tomorrow would be a storm, "It is better to go now since there will be a storm tomorrow."

"How did you know?" Makoto asked.

"Just intuition, anyway, the location isn't that far from here," Yuuki said and asked, "How about it?"

They thought for a while and nodded. They went together to the next spot of the riddle.
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