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His Genius Wife is a Superstar 128 Medical Record

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The next day, Iris was finally cleared to be discharged from the hospital.

Since it was a Monday, Jin Liwei had to go to work. He didn't want to leave his baby girl but there were so many tasks needing his attention at the company, especially after being gone for a full workday week. Iris assured him that she would be fine. He wished that he could just tie her to his waist and carry her around all day, so they wouldn't have to be separated even for just a day.

He woke up hours before sunrise. Good thing that Iris managed to wake up from her usual deep sleep in time to send him off. She also felt disappointed that they weren't able to spend some quality time together after he returned from his business trip.

Truly, life was unpredictable and plans could go awry without any warning. Despite this, she felt warm inside because Jin Liwei stuck with her and was extremely patient and caring, even when she almost bit his head off so many times during her extreme mood swings. She was beginning to see that the man genuinely cherished her.

Seeing his baby girl awake, of course Jin Liwei wouldn't miss the chance to thoroughly kiss her before leaving. He wasn't sure whether she would snap at him again, but he missed her so much. When she also responded to his deep kisses, he almost lost control. Finally, she was allowing him to kiss her again without pushing him away.

He felt so aroused and wanted to devour her as soon as possible, but he forcefully fought his inner beast. His baby girl was not 100% recovered yet. He reminded himself that he had to be gentle with her at this time.

Giving her another deep kiss, he reluctantly left to return to his mansion at Dragon Palace Homes to shower, change into his business suit, and eat breakfast before heading to his company for work.
Iris went back to sleep after he left.

When she woke up again later, she underwent another series of medical tests before breakfast. Afterwards, she and Dom talked about what happened yesterday while eating breakfast.

The hospital almost declared a state of emergency yesterday because the media suddenly swarmed the entire place, attempting to fish for information about Iris Long. They disrupted the daily operations, forcing the hospital administration to ask for police intervention because there were other patients who needed immediate attention that were being pushed aside by the reporters.

It wasn't only the media either. Curious rumourmongers also snooped around, giving the hospital workers, the patients and their families a big headache. Some of them began blaming Iris Long for the disruption.

When some of the Black Stars fan club members who also went to snoop around heard these people dissing their boss, they were enraged. A heated verbal battle ensued escalating the chaos in the hospital.

The officers of the fan club were quickly made aware of the situation by the online posts of the members present in the hospital. CaptainBlackStar messaged all the members to behave properly in order not to besmirch their boss Iris Long's name.

Feng Wan's friend, the wife of the Police Chief, asked her husband to send more officers to control the situation. Of course, the Chief granted his beloved wife's request. Soon, more police officers arrived. The reporters and the civilian snoopers were driven away. A few officers stationed themselves around the hospital to block anyone who had no business in the hospital.

While all of these were happening, Dr. Ching and a couple of hospital administrators met with Iris and Tang Yiyi at a nearby empty private room. Jin Liwei was still sleeping soundly and Iris didn't want to disturb him.

The administrators apologized for failing to protect her privacy as a VIP patient.

"It's not your fault. I'm sorry for the trouble my presence here in your hospital is causing you. I heard that people are making a ruckus outside."

"Miss Long, please don't worry about it. We are already dealing with the matter. We want you to focus on recovering. Your father has always been a great supporter of our hospital by making big donations every year. As his daughter, we will do our best to ensure that you are safe as our patient.
Tang Yiyi was busy on her phone, reading Dom's live updates. Dom went down to see what was happening with his own eyes.

"These reporters are really vicious, insinuating that you're faking your condition in order to garner more publicity for your album." Tang Yiyi harrumphed. "They're also saying that you're colluding with the hospital in order to make you look weak to shift the attention from you beating up the Alarm Girls. All rubbish!"

Iris sighed.

"If only we could show them your hospital record, then we could slap them with the truth and shut them up all at once," Tang Yiyi said.

"Sorry but we can't do that," Dr. Ching interjected. "Patient confidentiality is sacred to us here. The only exception is if we're ordered to surrender the record by the court."

The two administrators nodded.

"Just show them," Iris suddenly said.

Dr. Ching: "What? But Miss Long, the patient confidentiality states―"

Iris: "I'm the patient so I have the authority to permit the release of my medical record, am I right?"

The doctor hesitated, but finally nodded.

Iris: "Then there should be no problem. They won't believe my words alone, anyway. Show them my official medical record. That should give them enough material to report about, then they'll stop pestering the hospital. Besides, I have nothing to hide because it's true that I'm a patient of this hospital."

The administrators asked her one more time if she was sure of her decision.

"Yes. I give you my consent."

That same afternoon, the hospital arranged for a sudden press conference. Almost all the media outlets hurriedly sent their representatives to attend.

Dr. Ching and his team of doctors faced the reporters. The press conference was very brief. As doctors, they went straight to the point, showing Iris Long's actual medical record starting from when she stayed in the hospital as a comatose patient due to severe trauma from a vehicular accident. It also showed her recovery process consisting of her physiotherapy and rehabilitation sessions. The most recent entry was her current condition which was fainting due to iron-deficiency anemia and sudden physical overexertion.

They answered a few questions from the reporters, clarifying details from the medical record. Dr. Ching had a good reputation within the medical community. Just his words alone was enough to dispel the lingering doubts, not to mention the hospital's own prestige.

The skeptics had no choice but to accept the authenticity of the medical record. Many reasoned that Iris Long, even with the backing of the Long family, still didn't have enough influence to make such a well-respected hospital endanger its reputation just to fake a mere medical record.
After the press conference, the reporters immediately wrote their drafts. Within an hour, all the news confirmed that Iris Long's coma and her current hospitalization were all true.
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