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His Genius Wife is a Superstar 176 A Student of Lu Jianhong

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Iris smiled politely, nodding. She wondered why Grandpa Lu suddenly started talking about his grandson out of nowhere. However, she wasn't really surprised because she noticed that he had a tendency to suddenly veer off-topic during conversations. It seemed that Grandpa Lu really doted on his grandson. He spent a few minutes raving about his beloved grandson.

"My Haohao—I mean Zihao is thirty years old this year so he's a whole decade older than you. But that shouldn't matter! Age shouldn't be an issue when it comes to relationships—I mean 'friendships'! Am I right?"

"Yes," Iris agreed.

The two professors also nodded.

"Xiulan my girl, tell Grandpa, how old is your boyfriend? I think that having a mature older man like my grandson is better than a young boy around your age. Mature older men tend to be already financially secured and established in their careers, so they'll more likely dote and pamper their lovers compared to younger fellows who are still struggling to establish themselves."

She nodded again, agreeing with him. "My boyfriend is thirty-one. He's also already financially secured and established in his career."

Grandpa Lu was surprised and couldn't say anything for a few moments.

'What?! Her boyfriend is even older than my Haohao?! Dammit! Who is this bastard?! I want to know!"

Professor Schwarz couldn't help but giggle. Professor Hisakawa was able to maintain his composure but his twitching mouth betrayed his real emotions.

Unlike Iris who still had no idea what was going on, the two professors knew exactly what Grandpa Lu was trying to do. Iris only thought that Grandpa Lu was really proud of his grandson so he couldn't help but rave about him to other people.

The two professors knew the identity of Iris' boyfriend. They also knew that Lu Jianhong had a connection with Jin Liwei and Jin Corporation. They could've chosen to clarify the situation to the elderly man but they chose to remain silent. They were feeling very entertained. They couldn't wait until both Lu Jianhong and Jin Liwei figured out their unexpected new connection through Iris.

Later, Iris and the two professors stayed for dinner. They ate a lavish Greek feast which tasted even better when eaten in the Mediterranean-style home.

After dinner, Professor Schwarz and Professor Hisakawa excused themselves after Lu Jianhong suggested for them to tour the rest of the mansion. Although it was worded as a suggestion, the two professors knew that it was more of an order. It seemed that Lu Jianhong wanted to have a private talk with his new student. They followed the housekeeper for the tour.

Lu Jianhong led Iris from the dining area to an opulent lounge room. It had a big enclosed stone fireplace. It wasn't burning at the moment, but Iris imagined that it must be nice to stay in this room during winter. There were small olive trees planted in big terracotta pots and some flowering plants to add colour. In the middle of the room, there was a tiered fountain with a statue of a voluptuous woman on top holding a jug from which water poured out. It completed the classic Mediterranean ambiance.

Iris felt very impressed. She thought that the entire property was ostentatious when she first saw it, but as she spent more time inside the mansion, she began to appreciate its classic and luxurious elegance.

They sat down and the butler began serving them hot rooibos herbal tea blend [1]. Iris sipped her cup and nodded in appreciation.

After serving them, the butler left and returned a few minutes later to hand his master an envelope. He bowed before leaving again to give them privacy.

"Alright, Xiulan my girl. Let's start talking business," Grandpa Lu said.

Iris set her cup down on the low table in front of her. She straightened and faced Grandpa Lu, an attentive expression on her face.

He started by asking her about her current financial situation. Iris was comfortable at the moment. "Very" comfortable to be exact.

A few weeks ago, Qiao Yu finally reached the one billion RMB mark, officially making Iris a billionaire in the country. In addition to this, her money that she stowed in various bank accounts across the world had a collective total amount of about 60 million US dollars. It was actually less than half of what Qiao Yu was currently managing.

Iris was truthful, admitting that the majority of the 60 million was earned from hacking jobs. Grandpa Lu didn't bat an eye since he was already aware of how she was admitted to Cross Academy. He knew that she was an excellent hacker but didn't really know the specifics. He wasn't really well-versed in this field.

He trusted Professor Dupont's decision. If Professor Dupont dared admit Iris personally, then it meant that he saw something special in her. This was proven by assigning her notable instructors like Professor Schwarz, Professor Hisakawa, and of course the legendary business genius Lu Jianhong.

"Hmm… Not bad," Grandpa Lu commented, rubbing his perfectly groomed mustache. "Especially since you're still so young. However, as my student, this is far from my standards. Let me take a look at your financial portfolio in our next meeting. Better that you bring your financial manager as well."

"I understand, Grandpa Lu."

Next, they talked about properties. Iris actually didn't own other properties besides her penthouse. Properties didn't really interest her that much. She was already satisfied with her penthouse.

"How naïve! Xiulan my girl, as my student, real estate should be one of your priorities. I'll teach you its importance next time."

She nodded, mentally taking note.

They discussed her other sources of income as well. Currently, she was already starting to earn from her music career. Compared to the rate Qiao Yu was earning for her, her current music earnings were rather insignificant. However, Iris didn't mind. She loved music and even if she didn't earn anything from it, she would still gladly do it without complaining. Besides, she technically just started out. Once she stabilized her music career, the money would surely come.

After revealing her finances, Grandpa Lu had a thoughtful expression. He was already starting to formulate a rough financial plan for her. As his student, it was his mission to mould her into a successful business figure.

"This is for you," he said, handing her the envelope his butler gave to him earlier.

Iris opened it and took out what was inside. Her eyes widened and she looked at him in shock.

"Grandpa Lu, this…"

"Ahaha! Consider it as a welcome gift to my student!"

She ran her fingers on it, smiling. "Thank you very much, Grandpa Lu."

"You're welcome, my girl! As my student, it's only natural that you should have one. Use it wisely! If you don't, I have the power to ask them to revoke it. Understood?"

She nodded.

It was the legendary exclusive black card with her name on it.

Then she read the accompanying document. Once again, she was surprised because unlike the exorbitant amount other cardholders were paying, she didn't need to pay any annual fees while enjoying the same privileges as them.

So this was how it felt like to be a student of Lu Jianhong.


[1] An herb grown in South Africa which can be brewed into an herbal tea. Also called "red bush tea".
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