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His Genius Wife is a Superstar 23 The Mysterious Long Xiulan

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One of the most expensive, most sought-after, and most fortified exclusive villages in the country was Dragon Palace Homes. There were only ten properties in the village, but each of them occupied large expanses of land.

Security in the village was even tighter than that of the major banks and even comparable to the security team of the country's highest government officials. In fact, some of the property owners had private securities that were even better.

Dragon Palace Home #10 occupied the largest land and the most impressive mansion. This property's owner was Jin Liwei, President and CEO of the number one company in the country.

One needed to drive for about twenty minutes by car from the property's massive gates before reaching the palatial mansion.

The mansion was impressive, not only because of its size but also because of its glacial aura, just like its master. Jin Liwei lived alone in this huge house with his servants.

It was silent and chilly to the point that visitors would feel creeped out, like walking in an endless labyrinthine graveyard.

When Jin Liwei returned home from work, it was already night time. He ate a high class dinner alone on the long dinner table; his butler standing silently behind him, ready to serve him at any moment.

After dinner, he took a quick hot shower and changed into pyjamas. Then he headed straight to his home office to continue some of his unfinished work.


His eyes lit up. Finally, an e-mail from the damn girl.

Long Xiulan: "See attached files. Send 590,025.73 RMB to my account for the expenses accrued while gathering information. See attached invoice. The original 5 million payment was only for the final reports."

He immediately opened the attachments. After some time reading the five reports the damn girl sent him, he inhaled sharply. The more he read, the more shocked he became. His pupils contracted.

A few days ago, he finally received the results of the second investigation he ordered on Galaktika. When the results matched what the damn girl said about them when they first met at the hotel lobby, his interest in her increased. He was burning with curiosity as to how she got such secret information.

After just a couple of days, five Russian companies immediately sent their own business proposals, showing interest in partnering with his company after hearing that he rejected Galaktika's offer.

The new proposals presented both in Russian and in Chinese and even in English translations reminded her of the damn girl.

He didn't know what came over him to send her an e-mail. Perhaps he wanted confirmation that it was just a coincidence that the girl got it right the first time. Surprisingly, the girl had the audacity to ask for a total of 5 million payment from him. Amused, he immediately sent the money to her.

When she told him to wait three days, he couldn't stop himself from laughing. He smirked.

What did she need three days for? Fine. Just humour the girl and see what she comes up with.

He wasn't really expecting anything. He just treated this deal as a joke to amuse himself. However, there was still a niggling hope inside him for the damn girl to repeat her accurate assessment. He didn't want to acknowledge this tiny hope, but it was still there.

But now, not even three days since they e-mailed each other, he didn't feel amused at the deal anymore. Not at all. Reading the detailed and comprehensive reports she sent him, he felt absolutely shocked.

Each of the reports were worth many times more than what he paid for. He immediately sent the additional bill of a little over half million that she asked for. He was even tempted to send her an additional million as tip but managed to stop himself.

If she made a similar report on his Jin Corporation and handed it to his enemies…he didn't even want to think about it.

He stood up and walked to the window, looking at the night sky outside. The black clouds covered the moon and the stars.

One thing was clear after this experience. If she was really the one who created these reports, then the damn girl wasn't someone to be offended. She could destroy anyone whenever she wanted to.

Even someone like him.

His lips lifted to a smile, his eyes glinting dangerously like that of a predator who finally locked on to its much-awaited prey.

"Long Xiulan, who are you really? What other mysteries are you going to show me?"
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