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His Genius Wife is a Superstar 224 Just the Beginning

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Jin Liwei waited for his brother to digest what he just said. It took a few moments before Jin Chonglin spoke again.

"I understand, Big Bro," he replied. Another pause. "I was wondering why you've been distancing Jin Corporation from the Fans but now I see why." He sighed. "I can't believe all of the things they have done. Are they all true?"


Jin Chonglin sighed again. "Mom is heartbroken, did you know? It's like when Dad died. She won't eat or go out of her room. I'm worried for Mom, Big Bro."

This time, it was Jin Liwei's turn to sigh. His chest tightened. Their mother, Huang Yuyan, had always been delicate at heart. She almost broke beyond repair when their father died. It was actually Fan Luo and her mother who helped Huang Yuyan recover from her debilitating grief.

And now this happened. Jin Liwei couldn't help but feel guilty towards his mother. Noticing the direction of his thoughts, he hardened his heart. It was better this way. The truth was hard to swallow, but it was better than living in an illusion.

"Mother recovered then. She will recover this time as well," Jin Liwei said. His words were meant to persuade not only Jin Chonglin but also himself. "I'll ask Grandmother to stay with her."

"Good idea. Mom needs someone with her right now."


The two brothers didn't have much to talk about to each other. It was mostly Jin Liwei instructing his brother on what to do.

"Remember, our Jin family has now severed ties with the Fans. We have nothing to do with them anymore. Whatever happens to them during this time, don't soften your heart and make the mistake of helping them in any way. This is just the beginning," Jin Liwei reminded his brother before the call ended.

Jin Liwei stared at the phone. Making up his mind, he dialled. It rang and rang and rang but nobody answered. He tried calling two more times before giving up.

He sighed and leaned back on his seat. It seemed that his mother was still angry at him. She wouldn't answer any of his calls. He wasn't surprised but it still hurt.

All he could do was endure for now. She would eventually come around. He was her own son after all.

He made another call; this time, to his grandmother. Grandma Li agreed to leave the mountains and return to the old house to accompany Huang Yuyan.

She sniffed in disdain. "I knew that the Fans are no good, but I never imagined that they would be this bad. If your grandfather were still alive, he wouldn't let them get close to our family in the first place. It's beyond me how they could brainwash your mother to this degree. Don't worry, my dear. I'll take care of your mother. Just do what you need to do."

"Thank you, Grandmother."

"Good. Don't forget to send my regards to dear Xiulan. Tell her that Grandma misses her."

"En, I will."

After the call, Jin Liwei returned to directing the Fan family's downfall. Fan Luo was still relatively unscathed at the moment. Next would be her turn and in extension, the Alarm Girls. Just like what he told his brother Jin Chonglin, this was just the beginning.


Before everyone could recover from the shocking exposé of the Fan family's crimes, showbiz was rocked by its own big news.

"Jin Chonglin Breaks Off Engagement to Fan Luo!"

"Big Star Jin Chonglin Gives Official Press Release: 'Our Relationship Was a Big Mistake'"

"Fairy Tale Couple 'LinLuo' Ends Before Reaching Happily Ever After"

"Jin Chonglin Dumps Fiancée, Chooses Family Over Love"

Many of Jin Chonglin's army of fans shipped the couple. They believed that LinLuo was the best couple ever. There was no woman in the world who could match their Prince Lin Lin as perfectly as Princess Luo Luo.

She was just so beautiful, elegant, intelligent and classy. Some thought that it was unfair for her to suffer for the crimes of her family. They refused to believe that she had knowledge about the crimes. To them, she was innocent.

Although they already expected this break up to happen after the crimes of the Fan family were exposed, it was still shocking when Jin Chonglin officially dumped Fan Luo. Their perfect fairy tale was shattered just like that.

While everyone was still talking about the break up, another news rocked them a few hours later.

"Fan Luo Rushed to the Hospital After Trying to Kill Herself!"

"Heartbroken Fan Luo Cuts Her Wrists After Jin Chonglin Ends Engagement!"

"Jin Chonglin Drives Now Ex-Fiancée to Suicide!"

"The Tragic Fate of an Innocent Princess Condemned for the Crimes of Her Family: Is Jin Chonglin Heartless for Abandoning Her?"

A live interview with one of Fan Luo's aunt-in-laws was aired outside the hospital where she was rushed to. Fan Luo was apparently accompanied by her mother and aunts.

Only the family members who were working at their company were taken into police custody, including her father, brothers, uncles, some aunts and cousins. As for the rest of them, they were only being monitored and forbidden from leaving the country but otherwise, they were free to move as they wished.

The aunt-in-law condemned Jin Chonglin for her niece's attempted suicide and the entire Jin family for their family's misfortune.

"Our Fan family has always loved and treated the Jins like our own family. I don't know why they decided to frame us for all of these crimes! We built our own fortune and reached our high status from our own hard work and dedication! We are innocent! My niece is innocent! How can Little Chonglin do this to her?! Our Luo Luo has been suffering from depression ever since she miscarried Little Chonglin's child! How can he just abandon the mother of his child like this?! He's heartless! The entire Jin family is heartless!"

She sobbed in such a tragic manner that those watching her couldn't help but sympathize with her. Then her eyes rolled back and she fainted…or appeared to faint. She was carried back to the hospital.

Of course, the media lapped all of these up. Cameras flashed everywhere and on-site reporters narrated everything for live broadcast.

New headlines were released. This time, the shock was even greater especially to Jin Chonglin's army of fans.

"Fan Luo Allegedly Miscarried Jin Chonglin's Baby, Suffers Depression!"

"Jin Chonglin Already a Father to Fan Luo's Miscarried Child!"

"Fan Luo, the Biggest Victim in the War Between the Jins and the Fans!"

This time, the condemnation thrown at Jin Chonglin was even worse than what Jin Liwei received when he terminated the business partnership between Jin Corporation and the Fans.

It even reached a point that some of Jin Chonglin's fans abandoned him, protesting against his heartlessness. They felt enraged on behalf of Fan Luo.

"Justice for Fan Luo! Be a man and apologize, Jin Chonglin!" they shouted in protest.
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