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His Genius Wife is a Superstar 235 Come Back Soon

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Dom burst into tears when Iris informed him that she was leaving. She let him decide whether he wanted to return to the penthouse or stay here at the mansion with Jin Liwei and the kittens.

"Wuwuwu! Boss, I'll stay here with sir boss and Ice Cream and Popcorn! I'll take care of them, so that they won't feel too lonely without you! Wuwuwu!"

"I'm counting on you, Dom," she told him. Then she hugged and nuzzled each of her kittens. "Ice Cream, Popcorn, stay with Daddy, okay? Don't let him feel too sad. I also give you permission to scratch the faces off of anyone who dares steal Daddy away while Mommy is gone, okay?"

Ice Cream tilted her head to the side and meowed in assent. Her action resembled her Mommy so much that Dom's hands moved on their own, fishing out his phone from his pocket and taking pictures of the cute plump, grey kitten.

On the other hand, Popcorn was meowing and rubbing himself all over Iris. He didn't understand what was going on, but he could feel something was off. He felt restless and sought comfort from his Mommy.

Of course, Iris did her best to soothe the kittens.

Moments later…

"Ready, little sister?" Lu Zihao's smooth and alluring voice asked.

He seemingly appeared out of nowhere. Iris barely detected him, while Dom jumped in surprise at the sound of his voice.

Lu Zihao was leaning his back against the doorway with his hands tucked inside the pockets of his jeans. As usual, he looked devilishly handsome.

Dom stopped sobbing and stared at Lu Zihao with fangirlish eyes.

Lu Zihao smirked at him. "Still a crybaby, I see."

"Ah!" Dom clutched his chest and staggered back. If he wasn't feeling upset because of his boss' departure, he would've already started squealing like a crazed fangirl.

"Big Brother, let's go." She slung a backpack behind her.

Dom found the medium-sized bag from Jin Liwei's walk-in closet, and then packed some of Iris' essentials from the luggage Yi Mei sent earlier. Iris didn't bring everything. All she needed was a few clothes, her laptop, phone and wallet.

"Give me." Lu Zihao took the backpack from her and carried it instead.

They walked out of the bedroom suite. Ice Cream and Popcorn trotted beside their Mommy's feet. Dom followed closely behind Lu Zihao, admiring his tall back.

When they reached the grand foyer, Jin Liwei was standing there waiting for them. He looked like a zombie with his red eyes, bleeding mouth and ripped shirt. The scratches on his neck and shoulders were red and swollen.

The butler and servants pretended that everything was normal, even though they were extremely shocked inside seeing their master's sorry appearance. What happened between Miss Long and their master? Did they break up? What did their master do that Miss Long beat him up so badly? They were many questions they wanted to ask but didn't dare to.

Lu Zihao raised an eyebrow at the sight of Jin Liwei. He gave his sister a side-eye. "You did that to him?"

She didn't reply, biting her lip instead. Taking a few deep breaths, she bent down and carried the kittens in her arms. Then she walked towards Jin Liwei and gently handed them to him.

"I'll punish you if you neglect our kids," she whispered.

His eyes reddened a bit more. "Don't worry. I'll take care of them."

She nodded and stepped back.

"Can…can I kiss you before you go?" he asked.

"I…" She hesitated, afraid that the original's remnant would flare up again. Her heart ached seeing his bleeding mouth. She didn't want to bite him again.

"It's okay. Bite me all you want. It doesn't hurt."

"Liar," she told him before turning around and walking away.

Jin Liwei released a shaky breath, depressed by her refusal. It hurt. He involuntarily tightened his hold on the kittens, eliciting meows of complaints from them. He forced himself to loosen his arms.

His eyes were downcast while he focused on controlling his emotions. He didn't see it when Iris suddenly turned and strode back. He only noticed her when she was already right in front of him.

She grabbed his head and kissed him hard. Both of their eyes were open, looking at each other. Iris' eyes were intense, while his were surprised. He wasn't able to react in time. The kiss ended so soon. She turned around again and walked quickly away without looking back at him.

Dom started sobbing again.

"Take care of her, Fifth Brother," Jin Liwei said, his voice hoarse. "Keep her safe."

"Of course," Lu Zihao replied.

Iris and Lu Zihao finally left.

Popcorn started freaking out and attempted to jump out of Jin Liwei's arms, wanting to follow after his Mommy. Jin Liwei didn't allow him. Ice Cream didn't struggle but meowed mournfully while looking at the direction her Mommy disappeared to.

That night, Jin Liwei lay with the kittens on his bed, staring up at the ceiling unable to sleep. He inhaled his baby girl's scent from the pillows and the sheets she used when she slept earlier.

"She'll come back," he persuaded himself.

However, he still couldn't stop the feeling of loss. It felt like a part of him just died from her absence, even if it was only temporary. Especially since he didn't know how long she would be gone.

"Come back soon," he whispered into the silence of the night.


Inside the car, Iris sat with Lu Zihao in the backseat. She observed the two men at the front who her brother introduced earlier as his new subordinates. One was driving while the other sat stone-faced.

Upon meeting them, she immediately sensed that they were dangerous. Appearance-wise, they looked harmless and average-looking. They were the type that was easily forgotten in a crowd or in the streets. To her, however, their lethal aura was very familiar, something that she regularly encountered from her bodyguards in her past life as Evelina Vetrova.

Lu Zihao chuckled like the devil. He instantly knew what she was thinking about. "Don't compare them to our people in the past," he told her in Russian. "These two couldn't even compare to the pinkie of one of your maids. But they have potential. We'll see how far they can go."

Her brows knitted in apprehension after hearing his words. She didn't like the sound of what he said.

"Big brother, what are you planning?"

A bad feeling filled her regarding her brother.
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