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His Genius Wife is a Superstar 27 Jin Liwei Barges in

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Gold Heights Condominium.

Iris headed to the living area after taking a shower. She found Dom sitting on the floor, his back leaning against the lower part of the couch, watching a documentary about exotic cuisines on the TV.

He turned his head when he heard her approach. She sat on the couch beside him.

"Boss, a Mr. Jin Liwei called while you were in the shower. Do you know him? He wants you to either reply to his e-mails or give him a call. He said that he's been trying to contact you for weeks now. Hmph! He sounded so bossy. He left his number. Do you want it?"

Iris frowned. "No. I don't want that man's number. Why does he keep on bothering me?"

"Who is he?" he asked.

He continued watching the documentary as he repeated the man's name in his head. After some time, his eyes widened. "Wait. Don't tell me he's that Jin Liwei? Jin Corporation's Jin Liwei?"


Dom gasped. "Oh my God! Boss! That Jin Liwei is bothering you? Wow. As expected of my boss! Even people bothering you are on another level. Maybe he likes you. Ehehe."

"Don't be ridiculous. We don't like each other. I don't want to have anything to do with that arrogant man."


"Stop. You're creeping me out."

The housekeeper, Yi Mei, appeared. "Young Miss, the receptionist downstairs called saying that a Mr. Jin Liwei wants to see you."

"Ayiiii! I knew it!" Dom covered his mouth, his eyes shining with excitement.

Iris' heart thumped.

What did the damn arrogant man came here for?

"Young Miss? Should I invite him up or turn him away?" Yi Mei asked her.

Iris frowned.

"Should I turn him away then?" Yi Mei asked again.

"Yes! Wait, no. No. Invite him up." Iris sighed.

Dom squealed. "Oh my God oh my God oh my God!!! Jin Liwei is coming! Aaaah!" He fanned himself dramatically with his hands.

"Let's find out what he wants. Dom, tell the maids to prepare some refreshments." Iris inwardly wondered why she suddenly started feeling nervous.

"Right away, boss!"

A few minutes later, Yi Mei led Jin Liwei inside the penthouse to where Iris and Dom were waiting.

He looked tall and immaculate in his custom-made business suit. His handsome face wore a cold, irritated expression. When he saw the damn girl sitting and sipping tea, looking all relaxed, he felt even more irritated. He hurried towards her.

"Why aren't you replying to my e-mails?" he growled when he reached her.

"And hello to you too, Mr. Jin," she said, placing the teacup on the table gently. "Please have a seat."

"No. Answer me first. Why are you ignoring me?"

Iris' eyes twitched, trying to rein in her temper.

Were they close? Why was this man acting so familiar with her?

She replied to him coolly, "I see that you're still very rude, Mr. Jin."

Dom looked at the two, his eyes sparkling.

"Long Xiulan, don't test my patience," he snarled.

"Mr. Jin Liwei, I have no intention of testing you or anyone else's patience." She finally snapped. "I already told you before that I don't want to see you ever again. Tell me. Why did you come? What do you want from me?"

Her face flushed with anger, making her even more attractive in his eyes. Her last sentence echoed in his mind: What do you want from me want from me want from me from me…

His control snapped.

He pulled her roughly to his chest. His right hand grabbed a fistful of hair behind her head, his left arm circled around her tiny waist lifting her up. She gasped, alarmed. His mouth smashed against her lips.

She squirmed in his embrace, fighting against his sudden aggression, hitting his shoulders and trying to push his head away. She wanted to escape but he was too strong.

She bit his lips until she tasted blood, yet he didn't stop. Angry that he got bitten, he growled and kissed her even more deeply, sucking hard on her lips.

"Oh oh oh! Oh my God! What should I do? My boss' tofu is getting eaten! Should I save her? Should I punch him? But he's Jin Liwei! Oh my. This is so hot. I want to take a video, maybe just photos…but they'll probably murder me…oh oh oh."

Dom mumbled in excitement, pacing from side to side as he watched the kissing scene in front of him.

Yi Mei stood frozen in shock, one hand clutching her chest. The poor housekeeper looked like she would fall over at any moment.
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