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His Genius Wife is a Superstar 263 Title is a Spoiler

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On the floor below the mezzanine, hundreds of lit candles spelled out the words "Marry Me?" encircled by a heart-shaped formation of more candles.

The sight dumbfounded Iris. She knew what the words meant but they didn't seem to make sense in her head.

When Jin Liwei fell down on one knee, it confused and shocked her so much that she forgot how to think.

What genius? In front of love, all became stupid.

"I love you the most in this entire world, Long Xiulan," he began speaking. His voice trembled, filled with emotion. "I never imagined that I would ever feel this way or love another person this much in my life. I promise to love you, take care of you, and cherish you. I'll support you in whatever you want to do and be there for you whenever you need me. I love you so much."

He pulled out something from his pocket and held it up to her. It was a small red velvet box. He opened it and a diamond ring sparkled inside.

"Baby, will you marry me?"

Iris froze, her mind going completely blank.

Jin Liwei held his breath, waiting in anxiety for her reaction and response. The chef, the waiter, the musicians and all the household staff also held their breaths, anticipation in their eyes.

The clock ticked, heightening the tension.

He began to sweat even more. The hand holding the box started shaking but he controlled it.

A full minute passed but still she didn't move or say anything. Jin Liwei's heart became heavier and heavier as more seconds ticked by.

His face fell.

It hurt.

The other people witnessing the scene looked at each other in dismay, shaking their heads in pity at the poor man. They sighed and began to silently withdraw from the depressing atmosphere.

"Baby…" His voice broke. He was unable to say anything more. "Hah…" Gulping air to control his turbulent emotions, he began to lower the box.

Suddenly, Iris pounced on him. He was knocked down and he fell on his back to the floor, making him groan. He hurriedly snapped the box closed because the ring almost fell out.

He felt her squeeze herself close to him, as if trying to bury herself inside him.


He had no idea what was happening. Was she mad at him? It didn't feel like it. Then what was she doing? He was perplexed.

She finally lifted her head and looked down at him. Her eyes glistened before tears fell down, splashing on to his face.

His heart stopped for a beat. Then he panicked. "Baby, what's wrong? Why are you crying? Please don't cry. I'm sorry."

He clumsily wiped her tears with his fingers.

She framed his face with her hands. Tears continued to fall down from her eyes, but she didn't look upset. In fact, there was a soft smile on her face.

"I love you too, Liwei," she told him.

His heart stopped for a beat again before racing wildly inside his chest. Hope filled him once more, but he restrained it and acted cautious instead.

"So…will you…will you marry me?" he asked again.

She nodded.

Now it was his turn to have his mind go blank. "Wha-what?"

Lowering her head, Iris gave him a sweet kiss on his slightly open mouth. Then she breathed her reply into his mouth, "Yes, I'll marry you, Jin Liwei."

He inhaled sharply. Was this really happening? Did she really say yes? Please someone tell him that this was really happening! It felt like his soul flew out of his body and then slammed back inside. After the initial shock, a wave of pure happiness flooded him.

"Really? Baby, say it again." His tone was intense and urgent. He was afraid that he heard her wrongly earlier.

"I said I'll marry you," she repeated.

"Oh." His eyes widened in wonder. "Oh," he repeated and then began to laugh. "Oh baby!"

Grabbing her head, he kissed her hungrily and happily on the mouth. He continued to laugh. Delighted, he felt like he was floating in the air. He pressed their foreheads together, looking deep into each other's eyes. Then he remembered something important.

"The ring!" He turned his head and reached for the velvet box which was now lying carelessly beside them on the floor. He asked her. "Can I put the ring on you now?"


They sat up while still staying close to each other. Iris sat between his legs. She rested her head on his shoulder, watching him fumble with the box before managing to open it. The diamond ring seemed to gleam even more brightly than the first time he opened the box.

Jin Liwei took the ring out. Finally, he slid it on Iris' finger. It fit perfectly.

Seeing the ring he chose on his baby girl's finger made him choke up with emotion. Love and happiness overflowed from within him. He couldn't help but grab her head again, kissing her more deeply and more passionately.

The other people watching didn't understand Chinese, so they were caught off-guard by this development. They thought that all was lost when Iris failed to respond earlier. But seeing Jin Liwei grinning so widely that his face might split and putting the ring on his lady's finger, the others knew that the proposal was a success.

They cheered, whistled, clapped their hands and expressed their congratulations to the newly engaged couple. The musicians took their instruments and began playing a congratulatory tune.

Iris' tears of happiness stopped. It transformed into a big smile of happiness, matching Jin Liwei's wide grin.

"You like it?" He asked her, referring to the ring.

"Yes." She wiggled her fingers, marvelling at the weightlessness. It didn't feel like she had a ring on at all.

The ring looked delicate and elegant, unlike the ostentatious engagement rings with giant rocks many men of Jin Liwei's wealth and status gave their ladies. However, it didn't mean that this ring was simple. On the contrary, the design was exquisite. A round diamond—not too big but not too small either—sat at the centre, surrounded by other tiny diamonds in a flower-like pattern. There were also other tinier diamonds artfully inlaid on the ring's surface.

Despite its appearance, it was surprisingly light.

"I had it specially designed and made from a super lightweight material," he told her. "You're a pianist and I know that heavy rings will interfere with your playing. That's why I got you this. I want you to wear your engagement ring even when you're playing. I hope that you won't have to take it off."

Iris was touched by his thoughtfulness.

"Thank you."

"No, baby. Thank YOU for accepting my proposal. You've made me the happiest man in the world."

The musicians changed up the lively, celebratory tune to a slow, romantic music.

"Would my lady grant me a dance?"

She giggled. "Yes, of course."

They stood up. She wrapped her arms around his neck while he encircled her waist with his hands, pressing their bodies close together. They started swaying with the music, looking deeply at each other's eyes. They kissed each other; sometimes gentle, sometimes intense.

"I love you, baby."

"I love you too, darling."

The two basked in their love and happiness, savouring the moment like they were the only two people in the world.

Happily ever after?

Not yet.

This wasn't an ending, but a new beginning.


Chapter Title: Will You Marry Me?
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