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His Genius Wife is a Superstar 337 Special Award

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The show went into another commercial break to increase the suspense for the last three official awards. Congratulations rained down upon the winners, especially for Iris Long and Jin Chonglin. Not only were they the two artists who received the most nominations, but they were also the ones who won the most so far. And the event wasn't done yet. They might even win more.

Jin Chonglin won the most awards so far. He now had five trophies, including the people's choice award for Most Popular Male Artist. Iris Long won four trophies so far, including the people's choice award for Most Popular Female Artist.

However, the competition between them was bound to heat up even more. The ceremony resumed after the commercial break.

Everyone was very excited. The Black Stars and Jin Chonglin's army of fans were on the edge of their seats while holding their hands together to pray for their Boss Iris and Prince Lin Lin's victory against each other.

"The Album of the Year Award goes to…'Rebirth' by Iris Long!!!"

The Black Stars jumped up in unison and cheered loudly. Jin Chonglin's army of fans looked at them in envy while politely clapping their hands.

"Our Prince Lin Lin will get the next award for sure," they told themselves.

Iris wasn't even back to her seat yet when…

"The Song of the Year Award goes to…'Rebirth' by Iris Long!!!"

For a moment, she didn't know what to do. She stood in the aisle while still carrying the award she had just received moments ago. But now she was being called back to the stage to receive another one.

"Brat, give it to me! Hurry up and go back to the stage! Ahaha!" JJ shouted at her in delight.

She handed her award to him and returned to the stage. Standing in front of the mic for the sixth time tonight, even she couldn't believe it.

"I…thank you. Wow. I honestly don't know what to say anymore. I've already used up all of my speeches."

Everyone laughed.

"Just…thank you so very much!"

Although the contents of her speech was unimpressive, the context of the situation was extraordinary. The other musicians present would do anything to be in her current position. Running out of speeches was the most wonderful problem they would be willing to experience if it meant that they could also win so many awards like her in a single night.

Once again, Iris didn't make it into her seat immediately because the people offered their congratulations to her on the way. But since the next award was the last one, the hosts didn't jump into it right away. They first hyped everyone up and increased the suspense.

Iris was able to return to her seat beside JJ and DJ Song who looked absolutely proud and delighted of her wins.

Needless to say, the Black Stars were beyond happy. Even they couldn't believe that their boss would win so many awards tonight. With one last award left, they also wanted their Boss Iris to win it. Wouldn't it be amazing if she won it? It would mean that she swept the majority of the most important awards for this year's music awards.

As for Jin Chonglin's army of fans, they were feeling extremely anxious. They prayed hard for their Prince Lin Lin to win the last and the most important award of the night.

Male host: "The moment you have all been waiting for has finally arrived. We will now announce the nominees for the Artist of the Year Award!"

All six nominees were introduced with much fanfare. Among them were Jin Chonglin and Iris Long. Of course, they received the most cheers and applause.

Female host: "And the Artist of the Year Award goes to…"

The male host opened the envelope. The female host peeked at it and gasped. She looked visibly shocked. Her reaction was caught by the cameras. It increased the anxiety of the nominees and their fans.

Both hosts: "IRIS LONG!!!"

Iris covered her mouth with her hands. Yes, she didn't care much whether she won or lost, but who wouldn't want to win? Even she found it a bit difficult to wrap her mind around winning so many awards tonight.

"Brat, what are you waiting for? Go get that award!" JJ pulled her up her seat and pushed her to the aisle.

As she walked once again back to the stage, Iris felt like she was floating. The moment felt so surreal. It seemed like she blanked out for a few moments because when she regained her senses, she was already on stage and standing in front of the microphone with the heavy award in her hands.

Her eyes immediately looked for her darling in the audience. When she found Jin Liwei, calmness returned to her. He was like her rock stabilizing her emotions in this overwhelming situation. He gave her a nod of encouragement.

"I love you," she told him. Her voice reverberated throughout the entire arena.

The Black Stars burst into tears. "We love you too, Boss Iris! You're the best! The most amazing! We're so proud of you!"

Fortunately, everyone misunderstood her words as a tribute to her fans. She didn't correct them, feeling satisfied that Jin Liwei appeared to understand that her words were meant for him.

This time, her speech was more thoughtful. But since she already thanked the same people again and again in her earlier speeches, she decided to mention other people in this speech.

Without mentioning specific names, she thanked her beautiful cats, her godson, her assistant, her bodyguard friend who was also the mother of her godson. She also thanked her father and her fiancé's family. Special thanks was given to her mentor who she called Grandpa and her beloved Big Brother. Many assumed she was referring to Long Hui. And of course, she didn't forget to throw more dog food by expressing her love once again for her fiancé.

Now that the last award was given, Iris Long was undoubtedly the biggest winner of the night. She basically swept the most important awards. Out of her nine nominations, she won six of them. Overall, she won seven awards tonight including the people's choice award for Most Popular Female Artist.

Jin Chonglin trailed behind her. Out of his eight nominations, he won four of them. In the end, he received five awards including the people's choice award for Most Popular Male Artist.

His army of fans felt a bit disappointed because he didn't win the most awards. However, they forced themselves to look at the bright side. Their Prince Lin Lin still won five awards! It was amazing! It was just that someone else won more than him, overshadowing his impressive number of wins.

The winners finally relaxed and allowed themselves to celebrate and bask in their victories. Everyone began to chatter among themselves about the awards. The event already ended, they thought, so the atmosphere was now more casual.

However, they were interrupted by something unexpected.

Male host: "Everyone, please return to your seats and pay attention. We have one more surprise."

Female host: "Yes! Even I am surprised. But before we reveal it, we would like to call the following distinguished figures to please come up the stage."

The President of the Harmony Music Awards, the Minister of Arts and Culture, and a representative from an international association of musicians headed to the stage.

Everyone was baffled but also curious. They had not been informed that something like this was going to happen tonight.

The President of the Harmony Music Awards spoke to the microphone. He wasn't well-known to the general public but everyone in the music industry respected him.

"Good evening, everyone. With my capacity as the President of the Harmony Music Awards, it is my honour to host the presentation of this very special award! I stand here today with our very own Minister of Arts and Culture and an official from the biggest international association of musicians to give this special award to a very talented and I daresay a once in a century musical genius!"

Many people were still confused about what was going on. However, a few musicians already had an idea of what was about to happen. They glanced at Iris Long with a mixture of awe and envy.

The Minister of Arts and Culture spoke to the mic next. "For her remarkable contribution to the field of music, specifically for creating three new musical techniques—one instrumental and two compositional—in the song 'Monster of Insanity', we are proud to present this special Outstanding Technical Achievement Award in Music to Miss Iris Long!!!"
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