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His Genius Wife is a Superstar 340 Damn Dress

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Iris grabbed Jin Liwei's hand before he could rip her dress off.

"No! Darling, stop! Not my dress. I like this dress."

It took a few months to create this masterpiece for the Harmony Music Awards. Jin Liwei even took part in choosing the initial designs. He said that he wanted to see her in a red, traditional-inspired dress, so they went with it.

"Don't worry, love. I'll commission another dress exactly like this one," he told her. His fingers tightened on the cloth. He really wanted to rip it off of her.

"No, I really like this dress. Don't destroy it. Besides, I don't want to do it here."

"The partition wall is up and it's soundproofed. My subordinates won't see or hear us."

Jin Liwei was now panting very hard. Huge droplets of sweat beaded all over his face and even dripped down on her. It was taking all of his willpower not to lose control and ravish her. All of his frustrations of not being able to claim her as his woman in front of everybody earlier, plus the fury he felt when he discovered that she was almost molested by a pervert during the after-party, were all taking a toll on his sanity right now. He needed to be inside her as soon as possible to calm his raging inner beast.

However, she really didn't feel comfortable making love at the moment. Similar to him, all of the events that happened earlier were also taking a toll on her. She just wanted to be with him to relax and be comforted.

She blinked her beautiful eyes at him. "Can we just cuddle? Please, darling?"

Her angelic expression shot straight to his heart. "Hah…" He exhaled deeply and closed his eyes to forcefully tamp down his desire. It was damn difficult, but he opened his eyes and nodded. "Alright, love," he said and sat back up. "Come sit on my lap and let's cuddle."

A lovely smile lit up her face. He almost lost control again.

Iris found a comfortable position on his lap and draped herself all over him. She tried not to press against the hardness pressing below her. However, the hitching in his breath told her that every single little movement of hers was affecting him. She felt bad for him, but she really didn't want to do it right now. So she tried not to move around too much.

"Wait till we get home. Okay?" she whispered to him.

Excitement immediately spiked within him. 'Hurry up and drive faster!' he wanted to shout at the driver but controlled himself. His baby girl seemed to be enjoying cuddling with him at the moment. He didn't want to ruin it for her just because of his impatience and raging desire.

He kissed her forehead and pulled her closer to his body. His hands also never stopped roaming all over her body, stroking and squeezing. He hungered for her naked flesh, wanting to taste her with his mouth and press his own naked body against hers.

Finally, they arrived home.

Jin Liwei carried Iris princess-style inside the mansion, all the way to their suite. He put her down on her feet once they were inside their bedroom.

He pinned her against the door and kissed her deeply, thrusting his tongue inside her mouth. One hand kneaded her breast over her dress and the other squeezed her sexy hips and butt. Both moaned.

"Help me remove your dress, love," he whispered, panting in anticipation.

She hesitated. "I want to shower first." Before he could persuade her otherwise, she added, "I performed earlier tonight and walked back and forth to the stage many times to receive my awards. They're very heavy, you know. I sweated a lot."

"Alright. Let's shower together," he compromised.

The two headed to the bathroom. Jin Liwei couldn't keep his hands off of her.

"Careful! You'll tear the crystals off! We have to remove my dress slowly and carefully," she scolded him and swatted his hands when he impatiently tugged at her dress.

He grunted and gritted his teeth, as he forced himself to be gentle in helping her out of her fitted dress. When her breasts finally popped out, his mouth immediately captured a nipple and sucked hard. Iris gasped and automatically held his head. She closed her eyes and moaned. However, the rough rustling of her dress somewhat cleared her mind.

"Darling…my dress…"

"To hell with your dress."

"No! If you damage my dress, I'll sleep with Ice Cream and Popcorn in their room tonight! You stay here by yourself!"

He immediately stopped. "Love, don't be like this… I'll be good, okay? Now let's 'slowly' and 'carefully' remove your beautiful dress, alright?"

She harrumphed before they worked together in removing her dress. Her lids were becoming heavy and she started yawning. Finally, the dress was completely removed.

Jin Liwei released a big sigh of relief. He was about to toss it to the laundry hamper, but Iris scolded him again. "Darling, no! We have to hang it nicely for dry cleaning."

He groaned, starting to hate the damn red dress. He had already forgotten that he was the one who insisted that she wore the dress for the music awards.

After taking care of the damn dress, Jin Liwei quickly removed his own suit. Iris only had her panties on at the moment.

"Where are you going?" he asked when she walked away. His upper body was already naked, and he was in the process of removing his trousers.

"I need to remove my make-up."

"Oh. Hurry up, love."

"Mmn… Okay." She yawned again.

Now fully naked, he didn't immediately go to her. He stood back instead and watched her remove her make-up in front of the mirror and sink. She was so beautiful, so sexy. He started stroking himself slowly to ease the ache. Craving the feeling of flesh on flesh, he walked to her and stood behind her.

His hands wrapped around her body and kneaded her bare breasts, while he kissed her neck. Her breathing sped up but she continued to gently remove her make-up. One of his hands moved downwards and slipped inside her panties. She was already wet when he touched her.

"Ah! Liwei...darling…" She threw her head back to his chest and moaned.

He slid a long finger inside her and moved it in and out slowly. She trembled.

"I…my make-up…"

"Don't mind me, love. Continue what you're doing," he whispered into her ear in a husky voice before nibbling her earlobe.

She clumsily removed the rest of her make-up, not really doing a good job of it, especially when he inserted another finger and sped up the pace of pleasuring her. Moments later, she stiffened and started shaking. Her cries and whimpers of ecstasy echoed inside the bathroom.

He could feel her inner contractions as she squeezed his fingers inside of her. He groaned. His erection twitched, hardening even more. He couldn't wait to replace his fingers with his hard length.

When she finished, her body felt like it melted into a puddle of jelly. She felt so relaxed that she didn't react much when Jin Liwei carried her into the shower. Warm water rained down on them, as Jin Liwei hungrily kissed her on the mouth. She sighed in satisfaction and closed her eyes.

"Touch me too," he gasped between kisses. "Love? Hm?"

Her head lolled and dropped onto his chest. Her knees also began to buckle. He quickly wrapped his arms around her to prevent her from falling down.

"What the? Love, are you alright?"

She opened her eyes and squinted at him. Then she yawned. "Oh? We're still in the shower? So sleepy…" Her eyes began to droop close again.

Jin Liwei stared at her, not knowing whether to laugh or cry. She was now practically sleeping on her feet. Although what he wanted the most right now was to make love with her, he could only sigh at their current situation.

His baby girl must be so exhausted.

"Love, can you stay awake for a bit more? I'll wash us quickly and then we can sleep, okay?" he told her in a gentle voice.

She acknowledged his words with a soft sound. Her eyes opened sleepily and looked at his erection. "Sorry, I'm too tired," she mumbled.

He chuckled softly. "It's fine. You deserve to have a good long rest tonight."

Jin Liwei quickly washed and dried themselves. She was already sleeping deeply when he carried her to the bed. He rubbed lotion all over her body and applied moisturizer on her face. When he was done, he kissed her on the lips and covered her with the duvet.

Then he looked down at his still hard erection. Sighing, he returned to the bathroom for a cold shower. He refused to touch himself. After reciting the value of pi inside his head and almost freezing from the cold water, his little brother down below finally softened on its own.

He staggered back to the bed and slept like a log beside his baby girl.
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