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His Genius Wife is a Superstar 35 Alarm Girls

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Jin Chonglin was also an artist managed under Bright Summit Entertainment Company. This means that he was, technically speaking, Iris Long's senior.

"Good to see you, Junior Iris Long." Jin Chonglin followed her example smoothly.

He made sure to look at her thoroughly from head to toe and back up again. The long dress complemented her alluring figure, and the emerald colour made her white skin glow like the purest of pearls.

Damn! She looked absolutely gorgeous. He subconsciously nodded his head in appreciation of her beauty.

Tang Yiyi and Lin Dong nodded at each other as greeting.

"So how are you?" Jin Chonglin asked her, making conversation. "You seem to be doing well."

"Yes. Thank you, senior," she replied politely.

Jin Chonglin waited for a few seconds, but she didn't say anything else. "Good luck on your comeback performance tonight. I'll be sure to watch."

"Thank you. I also wish senior good luck on your performance."

He gave her his best smile; his famous smile that never failed to send his fans screaming and even some fainting. He won over a lot of women and bent a lot of men with this trademark smile.

However, Iris was unmoved. Her expression remained polite.

He was a bit disappointed when he didn't get more of a reaction from her aside from her polite smile.

Wasn't she supposed to be interested in him?

Didn't she follow him around before?

Why was she acting so distant now?

"If senior will excuse us, we need to return to my dressing room. I might get called for my turn soon."

"Sure, sure. Go ahead. See you sometime in the company. Good luck." He stepped aside to let Iris and her manager through.

"Watch your actions," Lin Dong warned him when the two women disappeared from their view. "It's best not to get too close to Iris Long at this time. Your fiancée hates her guts. The public thinks that there's a love triangle going on between you three. They even think that you fathered a child with her. Don't make trouble."

"I know, I know! Gosh, you don't trust me!"

"I do trust you, but not when it comes to women."


"Let's go."

The two men walked to Jin Chonglin's dressing room.


Iris and Tang Yiyi almost reached their dressing room but along the way, they were blocked by a trio of brightly and skimpily dressed young women.

From the original Iris' memories, she recognized them as the girl group Alarm Girls. These girls and the original Iris shared the same musical style.

However, their looks (already enhanced by cosmetic surgeries) couldn't compare to Iris Long's natural beauty. Their vocals were mediocre at best. Their songs also weren't as popular as Iris' viral songs.

Some of their fans started comparing them to Iris Long; more specifically, on how they couldn't compare to her. Then some fans started accusing the three girls of imitating Iris Long. It happened so often that the girls started hating Iris.

The original Iris didn't care about them at first, but when the trio started provoking her whenever they met, Iris would lose her temper and retaliate. Trading insults was a regular occurrence between them.

Iris was curious about how the trio would act this time. She watched them approach, not saying anything.

"Well, well, well. So the biggest sl*t in showbiz is really making a comeback?" Wanwan, the trio's leader, laughed sarcastically at Iris.

"I heard you got pregnant? How's the baby? Or did you abort it?" Feifei followed their leader.

"Of course she aborted it! She dared to pin the responsibility to Jin Chonglin? How shameless!" Mimi sneered.

"Excuse me. Stop causing trouble. Or we'll report your outrageous behaviour to your talent management company." Tang Yiyi stepped forward, blocking them from Iris.

The trio ignored her; their aggro was firmly on Iris.

Wanwan: "Do you really think that just by changing your image and your musical style, you'll be welcomed back in the industry with open arms? How naïve! You should never have come back! You don't belong here anymore."

Mimi: "Yeah! You're nothing but an outdated and damaged product now. Nobody wants you here so go back to retirement where you belong!"

Feifei: "You're nothing but a b*tch! A sl*t! A wh*re!"
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