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His Genius Wife is a Superstar 374 International Business Conference

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The international business conference was a five-day long event. Executives and delegates of companies from all around the world already started arriving a few days before the conference. Many of them were from the top multi-national companies in the world.

Normal operations of any businesses within a certain radius from the venue were suspended. All nightclubs were temporarily closed and traffic rerouted to other roads. Security was also tightened with police officers patrolling around the area at all hours.

The media were also covering this event because it was the first time the country was hosting such a huge international business conference as this. Almost all of the top companies in the world confirmed that they would be sending representatives to the event.

First day of the business conference.

Jin Liwei arrived at the venue with Grandpa Lu. His loyal assistant Xu Tian followed closely behind him. A handful of Jin Corporation's other executives and their assistants also came with them.

They entered the hotel-like lobby of the conference centre. The marble floors and the brass details gave the place an elegant and luxurious ambience. It was a sophisticated combination of classic and contemporary interior design.

There was already quite a crowd of delegates milling around the lobby when they arrived inside. Everyone looked sharp and commanding in their best tailored business suits. There was still some time before the official opening ceremony, so many of them decided to greet each other first and network in a combination of social and business purposes.

Well-dressed ushers with warm and welcoming smiles guided the delegates in English to where they wanted to go. There were also several tables of light refreshments for those who were hungry or those who just wanted something to nibble on.

As soon as Jin Liwei and Grandpa Lu's group appeared, both local and foreign executives and delegates flocked to them. These delegates, especially those from multi-national companies, mostly knew each other.

Jin Corporation was also at the level of a multi-national company, so Jin Liwei was a well-known figure in the international business world as its current President-CEO.

They all greeted him, but who would dare ignore the presence of the old man beside him? Sir Lu Jianhong was Jin Corporation's co-founder together with Jin Liwei's grandfather. He was a highly respected and admired figure in the business world, regardless of the country.

Soon, Grandpa Lu's booming laughter echoed throughout the entire lobby, attracting more of the other delegates to their group. It was as if a rock star just arrived with how everyone was acting.

If Jin Liwei's grandfather were still alive today, he would most likely receive a similar treatment as Grandpa Lu.

Everyone wanted to shake Grandpa Lu's hand and chat with him. He was no doubt a superstar in the international business world. As the current head of Jin Corporation and the leading businessman in the country of his generation, Jin Liwei also received respect from his fellow executives and delegates.

It was this scene that greeted Long Tengfei and his group when they arrived. Walking beside him was Long Industries' COO. On his other side was his right-hand man, Cao Guang.

Following closely behind them were Long Hui, the Deputy CFO, and surprisingly Long Jian as well. Long Jian was currently working as a direct subordinate to the COO.

Long Tengfei wanted to take his two sons to the international business conference for them to gain experience and the opportunity to network with some of the top businesspeople in the world.

There were also other people from Long Industries attending the conference with them. They all walked together in a group, looking confused at why the crowd was gathering in a single spot.

At first, they didn't know what was going on. Then they were informed that the delegates were greeting Sir Lu Jianhong and Jin Liwei from Jin Corporation.

"Should we go and greet them as well, Father—I mean President?" Long Jian asked, quickly correcting his form of address to Long Tengfei.

Although Long Tengfei didn't have any rule for his children to call him "President" or "CEO" at work, Long Jian started calling him "President" after hearing Long Hui doing the same while working.

"Hmm… We should. They are our future in-laws after all," Long Hui murmured.

'I wasn't asking you,' Long Jian retorted inside.

Despite this, he still smiled at his older brother and nodded. He thought that Long Hui was referring to Grandpa Lu as their future in-law. Like most of the guests during Long Tengfei's birthday party, Long Jian also thought that Lu Zihao was Iris' fiancé. He still didn't know that it was actually Jin Liwei.

"We'll greet them later. There are too many people around them," Long Tengfei said.

The crowd around Jin Corporation's group only multiplied as more delegates arrived at the venue. At the moment, it seemed that Grandpa Lu was the biggest attraction.

Finally, a PA System announcement instructed everyone to please make their way inside where the opening ceremony would be held. The delegates immediately returned to their own groups. Ushers guided each group to their own respective seating areas.

The executives and delegates from the biggest multi-national companies in the world were given the best seats at the front. Of course, Jin Corporation was among them. The company's presence in Asia was undeniable.

Jin Liwei and Grandpa Lu sat in the front row along with some of the other executives from the top companies in the world.

Long Tengfei, his sons and the others from Long Industries sat near the middle

Later, the opening ceremony finally began. The MC appeared on the stage. Beside him was a beautiful women in an eye-catching red business suit. She looked sharp and powerful but still feminine at the same time.

The foreign delegates had no idea who this woman in a red suit was, but most of the Chinese delegates, especially the younger ones, recognized her after looking a little more closely. They began murmuring among each other, wondering why she was on the stage. Was she also an MC? Why her?

The male MC and the beautiful woman stood at the centre of the stage. Each of them were holding a microphone.

"Good morning, ladies and gentlemen! Welcome to the opening ceremony of this year's International Business Conference! I'll be your master of ceremony for today," the MC greeted and introduced himself both in Mandarin and in English.

Similarly, Iris also introduced herself both in Mandarin and then in English. "Hello, everyone! My name is Iris Long, and I'll be the official interpreter for this opening ceremony and in selected conferences for the entire duration of this event."

The Chinese delegates' mind went blank after hearing what she said.
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