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His Genius Wife is a Superstar 395 CEO and CFO on the News

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Now that the matter about the perfumery he gifted her was resolved between them, any remaining tension in Jin Liwei's heart all melted away. His mood greatly improved, especially after their sweet lovemaking before they slept a few hours ago.

What a perfect way to start a workday!

They finished the rest of their breakfast because Jin Liwei needed to leave for work soon. Nevertheless, the lovers didn't feel rushed. They wanted to enjoy this simple moment of eating breakfast together. They chatted while watching their cats in amusement.

Popcorn was running all around for his morning exercise, while Ice Cream was soaking the morning sunlight streaming in from the windows as she cleaned her beautiful blue-grey fur on the floor.

"Darling, I have decided on a perfect time to officially announce our relationship to the public," Iris suddenly said.

"Oh? When?" he asked.

She told him.

When he heard about her idea, his eyes lit up and he nodded. "Hmm. That's a fantastic idea, love. It'll surely create a big splash. Very good because I want everyone to know that you're mine and that we're engaged. I'll make sure to clear my work schedule for a few days during that time."

"I'm looking forward to it," she said.

"Are you really?" he asked, his eyes inquisitive.


"So are you finally ready to become my wife?"

"I don't know exactly if I'm ready or not, but what I do know is that I love you and you're the only man I want to marry."

"Hmmm…" He nodded, satisfied by her answer. "I love you, too. So much. And you're also the only woman I want to marry."

They grinned stupidly at each other until it was time for Jin Liwei to go. Iris saw him off from the main entrance with Ice Cream and Popcorn. She had to carry Popcorn in her arms to prevent the hyperactive cat from following his daddy into the car. Ice Cream was a good girl, sitting near Iris' feet instead of meowing in despair like Popcorn who was already missing their daddy.

When Jin Liwei's car disappeared from view, Iris returned inside the mansion. She also needed to get ready for work soon.

And just like that, Iris became the new owner of a small bankrupt French perfumery called Sang Bleu. Her future business empire just grew a little once again, thanks to her devoted future husband.


"Good morning and welcome to the 10 o'clock news live from the studio. We've got some important news for you this morning…"

The morning news played on a big screen TV at a café.

Zhou Mei'er who was also known as CaptainBlackStar, the founder and president of the Black Stars fan club, sat in the café while sipping green tea latte and eating a slice of tiramisu cake. She watched the news with no interest, not really caring about the stories being reported. If it was about Boss Iris, then she would care.

She checked her wristwatch for the time. She was waiting for someone.

Then her phone rang. The person she was waiting for had arrived. She directed the person on where to go.

Moments later, a teenage girl waved at Zhou Mei'er and joined her on the table. It was Ming Li, also known as LittlePhoenix among the Black Stars. Despite her young age, she was currently the deputy leader of the Black Stars' strongest division, the notorious troll group Slippers Army. She led the Slippers Army in the absence of their true leader, the infamous troll iEatSlippers.

Both Zhou Mei'er and Ming Li were on their summer vacation, so they decided to enjoy each other's company. While drinking and eating, the two chatted about many things. Of course, a big part of their conversations revolved around their Boss Iris and the Black Stars.

"Our boss is so amazing, Big Sister Mei'er. I wish I could also speak so many languages like her," Ming Li said.

Zhou Mei'er: "I know, right? Did you hear about the news reports a week ago about boss translating and interpreting for Long Industries and Jin Corporation? It seems that there are many foreign companies that want to hire her, but she chose to work close to home with family instead."

Ming Li: "Yes, I did hear about that. Boss translated some reports for her family's company. Then she accompanied the founder of Jin Corporation—that scary old man with a loud booming voice…I forgot his name—and interpreted during a meeting with some Russian businesspeople. I'm just so amazed that boss also knows Russian!"

Zhou Mei'er: "Indeed. I do wonder just how many languages can she really speak. And I think the old man's name is Lu Jianhong. They say that his grandson is Boss Iris' real fiancé."

Ming Li: "But is it really true? I mean, boss hasn't confirmed anything to us yet. Until it comes from her own words, I won't believe any rumours about her. Boss has been a victim of fake rumours so much in the past. I don't want to contribute to it."

Zhou Mei'er smiled, nodding in approval. "That's the way to go. You're maturing well."

They ordered some more desserts while continuing to chat about other topics.

"And now for our latest tech news. The recently popular online computer game Supreme Ascension has now entered the top ten most popular games ranking in the country. Supreme Ascension just released earlier this year, but its playerbase has grown exponentially since then, rivalling some of the most popular computer games in the country. Its game developer, Planet Monkey, announced that it plans to release the game in selected regions abroad sometime later this year…"

Ming Li's eyes lit up when she heard the news. "Oh look! It's Supreme Ascension! I also began playing that game after Pandemonium mentioned that they love it. I wish I could play it every day but my parents won't allow me."

"Listen to your parents. You should be studying, not playing computer games," Zhou Mei'er said.

Ming Li playfully stuck out her tongue at Zhou Mei'er. "It's summer vacation. I plan on playing Supreme Ascension until school starts again. But of course, I'll make sure to still have the time to lead the Slippers Army. I really miss Big Bro iEatSlippers and Big Bro Monkeyface. They've been gone for far too long. Big Bro iEatSlippers only goes online once every couple of weeks, sometimes longer. As for Big Bro Monkeyface, I almost never see him online anymore."

"They're both busy." Zhou Mei'er sighed. "Bro Wu Chen says that the two of them built a company together. I don't know much about building and running a company, but I can imagine that it's a lot of work."

While they were talking, something from the TV news caught their attention.

"And now here are some snippets from a recent interview with Planet Monkey's CEO Hou Liang and CFO Wu Chen…"

Both Zhou Mei'er and Ming Li almost choked on their food, as they watched their Black Stars comrades' interview on TV. They were extremely shocked.

"B-big Sis, pinch me. I think I'm dreaming… I-is that Big Bro iEatSlippers and Big Bro Monkeyface…or is something wrong with my eyes?" Ming Li stuttered. 

She had already met both Wu Chen and Hou Liang on several occasions before when the Black Stars gathered to personally support Iris at her guestings or performances. So she knew what the two looked like.

"No, you're not dreaming. Oh my god! It's Bro Hou Liang and Bro Wu Chen! What the hell?! They're the CEO and CFO of a gaming company?!!!"

Both Zhou Mei'er and Ming Li started freaking out. They weren't the only ones. Some of their fellow Black Stars who were watching the news in other places also recognized Hou Liang and Wu Chen. They were all so shocked and started freaking out as well.
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