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His Genius Wife is a Superstar 403 Orange

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Unfortunately, Long Hui wasn't receptive to any logical explanations at the moment. His currently volatile emotions were clouding his sound judgment. The only thing that registered in his mind from Iris' words was the part about Jin Liwei buying the entire company for her if she asked him to. This selective filtering of words caused him to misunderstand Iris even further.

"So you do want to buy the entire company! Huh?!"

Iris was caught off-guard by Long Hui's utter nonsense. Her provoked emotions calmed down, replaced by cold contempt instead.

"There's no use trying to reason with an idiot like you. You're not listening to what I'm saying. Let's go, Liwei. Let's leave this stupid fool to cool his head. Perhaps he'll regrow his brain cells that were drowned and killed by his stupidity tonight."

She stood up and grabbed Jin Liwei's hand, pulling him on the way out of the kitchen. However, Long Hui wouldn't allow them to leave just like that.

"Running away, little sister? Still pretending to be a good person?" he taunted her. "Just admit that you want Long Industries for yourself!"

Iris didn't even look at him. Arguing with a stupid idiot like him was beneath her. She would only kill her precious brain cells trying to understand his foolish nonsense. She continued pulling Jin Liwei's hand, not bothering to respond to Long Hui's crazy tirade.

It was this scene that greeted Jiang Ying Yue when she returned after calming Little Jun and leaving him to Dom and Clover. She heard Long Hui's taunts directed at Iris.

"Hui, what are you saying? Stop it! Xiulan is your sister. Please don't fight with her," she said, trying to calm him.

She held on to his arm, but he shook her off. Even though she knew that it was just his anger, she was still hurt by his action. However, she put it aside for now. She needed to stop the siblings from fighting.

All of the stress Long Hui experienced from being suppressed by the elders and the relatives during the months that he decided to live with Little Jun and Jiang Ying Yue and also the pressure of losing his supporters within the clan to Iris—everything exploded from inside him in one go. He totally lost his sanity at this moment.

"You're just the child of the second wife! What's more, your mother is nothing but a gold digging, social climbing slut who would open her legs to any man that has a fat bank account! She slept with all the men in high society! The daughter of a slut like you has no right to succeed Long Industries!"

Jiang Ying Yue gasped in shocked disbelief at his words. She stepped away from him, putting distance between them. She didn't recognize this Long Hui.

Iris' eyes turned cold and dangerous. The miniscule good feelings that she had for Long Hui all disappeared at that very instant. Instead of exploding at his derogatory insults, she became calmer instead. Extremely calm and cold-hearted towards him.

However, Jin Liwei reacted the opposite way.

"Say that again, you motherfucking son of a bitch!!!" he roared and pounced on Long Hui.

Jin Liwei punched Long Hui in the face. Long Hui fell to the floor. Not waiting for him to get up, Jin Liwei followed him to the floor and started raining punches and strikes on Long Hui. Jin Liwei was truly enraged this time. He was like a raging god of destruction meting out punishment to a sinner.

Long Hui's survival instincts kicked in.

Fight or flight?

He chose to FIGHT!

Although he couldn't compare to Jin Liwei's bigger and stronger body, he still fought with everything he had. He punched and kicked, eventually able to hurt Jin Liwei a bit.

Despite Jiang Ying Yue's bodyguard instincts, she wasn't able to react in time when the two men started brawling. She was still too stunned at what Long Hui said to Iris. So she just stood there, a frozen mask of disbelief and shock on her face.

As for Iris, she watched the two men rumble on the floor like street thugs. Her calm state increased her alertness, making her detect when Jin Liwei was about to attack Long Hui. She could've stopped him if she wanted, but she didn't.

It was only when some of Long Hui's punches and kicks started landing on Jin Liwei's body that she moved to separate the two men. There was absolutely no way that she would let anyone else besides her leave any marks on her darling's body.

Physically separating the two men who were currently out of control would be dangerous even for her. So she grabbed a big orange from a nearby fruit basket instead and threw it like a baseball pitcher towards the two brawling men on the floor.

The orange zipped past her darling and accurately hit Long Hui's front leg, three inches above his knee.

As soon as the orange hit this spot on his leg, Long Hui stiffened before howling in pain. His leg immediately stopped kicking. It was as if all the strength went out of his leg, turning into jelly.

"Aaaaaaaah! My leg!! Aaaaaaaaaaaaaah!!!"

Jin Liwei was shocked at the sudden development in their fight. He stopped fighting and got off Long Hui. His gaze was caught by the rolling orange on the floor. Then he turned to look at his baby girl, completely amazed by her.

He had already rained down countless strikes on Long Hui, but the son of a bitch was still alive and kicking. And yet his baby girl only needed an orange—one fucking ORANGE—and she was able to completely immobilize the motherfucker.

At that moment, the adrenaline pumping inside him turned quickly into lust for his baby girl. She looked so cool and damn sexy in his eyes. Her cold expression made her appear like a goddess. Unfortunately, this wasn't the right time to act on his desire to bed his woman.

Likewise, Iris' cold expression became slightly seductive, as she admired her darling's wild and disheveled appearance. His ferocious aura from fighting made him look so hot in her eyes. He was like untamed masculine power and sex personified. She felt a familiar aching hunger in her lower regions as Jin Liwei looked back at her. Unfortunately, this wasn't the right time to act on her desire to bed her man.

The lovers' matching thoughts were interrupted by Long Jian's continued howls of pain. He was now curled on the floor, clutching his leg close to his body.

Jiang Ying Yue finally regained her senses. No matter how offended she felt by Long Hui's actions, he was still her fiancé. More importantly, she still loved him. She went to him and tried calming him down while inspecting his injuries.

Jin Liwei really did a number on him this time. Many parts of his body were red and swollen. Some even already started bruising. He had a split lip and a bleeding nose. What was more, it looked like he would have a nasty black eye in the morning.

However, all of these injuries seemed trivial compared to the severe pain Long Hui was experiencing from where Iris hit him with an orange. Jiang Ying Yue immediately concluded that Iris must have aimed at his peroneal nerve. That was why he was in so much pain like this.

It pained her to see him hurt, but she couldn't really blame Iris and Jin Liwei. Long Hui truly acted like a complete asshole this time. Even she couldn't believe that Long Hui was capable of saying such hurtful and malicious words to others, much less to his own sister.
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