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His Genius Wife is a Superstar 469 You’re Back

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"Not yet. I'm planning on bringing Little Jun to the mall and treat him for being such a good boy during his doctor's appointment," Jiang Ying Yue said.

"Yesh! Junjun good boy, Anko Han!" Little Jun proudly bragged.

Lin Yehan chuckled. "Yes. I know that you're a good boy, Little Jun."

Little Jun giggled and made himself more comfortable in Lin Yehan's arms. He rested his little head on the man's shoulders.

"I see. Did you drive here?" Lin Yehan asked Jiang Ying Yue.

She shook her head and told him that the penthouse's driver dropped them off.

"Well, I'm free for the rest of the day. I can accompany you to the mall. I'll also drive you home later, so you don't need to call the driver to come pick you up again," Lin Yehan offered. Then he quickly added. "But only if you want, of course."

Jiang Ying Yue hesitated and looked at her son.

Seeing this, Lin Yehan asked the child instead, "Little Jun, do you want to go to the mall with me?"

"Yesh!" Little Jun immediately replied and wrapped his little arms around Lin Yehan's neck. "Lesh go, Anko Han! Lesh go, Mommi!"

The two men, one adult and one child, looked at Jiang Ying Yue expectantly.

She sighed and gave a resigned smile. "Alright, let's go to the mall."

"Yesh! Go go!"

Before they left, Lin Yehan borrowed a child's car seat from the hospital. He was familiar with most of the staff because of his connection with one of the hospital's best surgeons, Wang Yingjie. Fortunately, there were some available that day.

Afterwards, the three headed to the hospital's parking lot for Lin Yehan's car. Then they drove to the nearby mall.

They first went to the mall's play place. The two chased Little Jun around while he played with much delight. When Little Jun began playing with the other kids, Jiang Ying Yue and Lin Yehan chatted with the other parents.

"Your son is very cute and so friendly," one of the mothers commented. Then she looked at Lin Yehan. "He looks just like you, his daddy!"

Jiang Ying Yue and Lin Yehan smiled awkwardly. The woman was such a liar. Little Jun didn't look like any of them at all because he looked like Long Hui and a bit like Iris. Basically, he looked like a Long. However, they didn't correct the woman. There wasn't any need to make themselves the target of gossip. Besides, they probably wouldn't meet these people again anyway.

After the play place, the three ate a late lunch together at a family restaurant. Little Jun had a bigger appetite than usual because he spent a lot of energy playing at the play place earlier. After eating, they started walking around the mall and randomly shopping, mostly for Little Jun.

It was already late in the afternoon, almost dinnertime, when they finished and decided to go home. Little Jun had also fallen asleep in Jiang Ying Yue's arms. Lin Yehan carried their purchases. They headed to the parking lot.

Unbeknownst to them, someone recognized Jiang Ying Yue and Little Jun. She was a teenage girl together with a group of friends. They were all still in their school uniforms. They headed straight to the mall to hang out after school. The teenage girl noticed Jiang Ying Yue and her son with an unfamiliar man while inside a department store. She decided to follow them around the mall. Her friends also joined, thinking that it was fun to pretend to be private investigators. The girl recorded videos of Jiang Ying Yue's group with her phone and snapped hundreds of photos of them.

When Jiang Ying Yue's group left, the teenage girl sent the videos and the photos to her aunt. Her aunt was Zheng Suyin, Long Hui's mother.


Gold Heights Condominium.

After eating dinner at the penthouse with Wei Lan, Jiang Ying Yue and Little Jun returned to their own unit downstairs. Jiang Ying Yue just finished getting her son ready for bed when she heard the door to the unit open. Her heart jumped. Other than Iris, there was only one other person who had the keys to enter the unit. Iris never entered the place by herself without informing Jiang Ying Yue first, so it must be the other person.

Jiang Ying Yue carried Little Jun and hurried to the living room. Just like what she thought, it was Long Hui. Despite feeling hurt from the growing distance between them and his refusal to return to live with them at the condo unit, Jiang Ying Yue was still filled with excitement and longing for him. She wanted to put aside their differences for now and welcome him home.Find authorized novels in Webnovel,faster updates, better experience,Please click for visiting.

"You're back," she said with a smile. "Come in. Have you eaten yet? There's no food here but we can order some home delivery for you if you want."

Little Jun was also excited upon seeing his father. He wriggled in his mother's arms and reached for Long Hui.

"Dada! Dada!"

Both the mother and son were excited that Long Hui finally returned home to them. Long Hui's expression, however, was the polar opposite of theirs. It was cold and furious. Jiang Ying Yue finally noticed that something was off, so she stopped approaching. She became cautious and gave him a confused look, silently asking him what was wrong.

Instead of greeting or explaining, Long Hui pulled out a stack of something from a brown envelope and then threw it on the coffee table. The items scattered across the table. Some even fell to the floor.

When Jiang Ying Yue saw what he threw, she stiffened. They were photos of her and Little Jun with Lin Yehan at the mall earlier that day.

"H-hui… It's not what it looks like. I can explain…" she said.

Little Jun also saw the photos and recognized Lin Yehan. He beamed and pointed at his image.

"Anko Han!" he exclaimed and then looked at Long Hui, introducing his new favourite uncle to his father.

Long Hui's expression became uglier seeing the delighted expression of his son while pointing at the image of another man. He shot furious eyes at Jiang Ying Yue and then roared at her.

"How dare you cheat on me, you unfaithful whore?!!!"
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