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His Genius Wife is a Superstar 471 Final Trigger

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The door to the unit burst open and several men in black suits rushed inside. They were Jin Liwei's subordinates who were assigned at the condominium building. Their main duty was to ensure the safety of everyone at the penthouse, especially when Iris and Jin Liwei stayed there. They were separate from the condo building's security personnel headed by Jiang Ying Yue herself. These days, they also began serving as Viscountess Wei Lan's bodyguards.

Behind these men, Wei Lan, Clover, Yi Mei, the cook and the other household staff from upstairs also squeezed themselves inside the unit. They were all carrying something in their hands as weapons. Wei Lan held a hair curling iron which was still hot, Clover a slipper, Yi Mei a broom, and the cook a butcher knife. The other household staff also held an assortment of pans, mops, belts, and even a net of big oranges.

They were all very worried because they immediately heard Little Jun's screaming cries as soon as the door to the unit opened.

Jin Liwei's subordinates planned on quickly immobilizing Long Hui but weren't able to do so because someone already did it before them.Find authorized novels in Webnovel,faster updates, better experience,Please click for visiting.

They found Long Hui groaning on the floor of the living room. He was curled into a pathetic ball while cupping his balls with his hands. Jiang Ying Yue stood some distance away from him, desperately trying to calm her son who continued his hysterical screaming at the top of his lungs. Little Jun was still frightened by the fight between his parents.

It appeared that Jiang Ying Yue had knocked Long Hui down on her own. Nevertheless, Jin Liwei's subordinates still surrounded Long Hui. They pulled him up from the floor and restrained his limbs with their hands. It was obvious that he was still in pain from whatever Jiang Ying Yue did to him before everyone arrived.

Wei Lan was furious as she marched into the living room. She headed straight to Jiang Ying Yue and the badly frightened Little Jun and stood protectively in front of them. She glared at Long Hui and pointed the hot curling iron at him like a sword.

"How dare you barge in here and terrorize Ying Yue and Little Junie at this ungodly hour?! Wait till my daughter and son-in-law hear about this!!!"

She was so angry that she didn't stretch her words like usual.

Little Jun finally realized that other people had arrived. He stopped screaming. Upon recognizing Wei Lan, he whimpered and sobbed while reaching out his little arms to her.

"Amma Weiyan...."

"Oh dear. Your Grandma Wei Lan"—cough cough—"has already forgotten how to hold a baaaabyyyyy. I might drop you so stay with your mommy for now. Okay, Little Junieeee?" Wei Lan told the child. (And the stretching of words was back again.)

Long Hui already somewhat recovered from the pain in his balls. He was angered by his son's form of address to Wei Lan. He roared at Little Jun.

"Long Jun, that slut is not your grandmother! Don't you dare call that fucking homewrecking slut Grandma!!"

This time, Little Jun knew that his daddy was angry at him. He shut his eyes tightly and buried his little head against his mother's neck. He resumed wailing. Jiang Ying Yue became even more frantic and did her best to comfort her son.

Despite all the men restraining him, Long Hui didn't stop. He was out of his mind from anger, jealousy and even hatred, especially after seeing Wei Lan acting very close and protective of Jiang Ying Yue and his son. He struggled against Jin Liwei's subordinates, but they were all well-trained and very strong. They didn't budge a bit. He couldn't escape from them, so he continued roaring instead.

"Let me go! I'm Long Jun's father! I have every right to take him with me! This place is not a suitable environment for him to grow up any longer. You're all corrupting him! I don't want my son to be raised by sluts! I'm going to take my son away from this depraved place and raise him as a Long! Give my son to me, Ying Yue! How dare you cheat on me?! I'm suffering so much in the clan because of you and this is the thanks I get?! Give Long Jun to me!!! If you don't, watch me take him away from you soon!!! I'll fight you to the death for our son's custody!!!"

Wei Lan waved her curling iron at him, as if she wanted to whack, stab and burn him with it all at the same time.

"Say that again, you piece of sh—I mean, you brute!"

She stopped herself from cursing in coarse language after remembering that she was now a respectable viscountess. She still continued berating Long Hui, but this time, her tone sounded more elegant.

"Little Junie is better off being raised by Ying Yue and my daughter and son-in-law! Look how well-mannered he has become under their care! If the boy is raised inside the Long clan, who knows what kind of twisted snob he'll grow up to be in the future?! Don't be so proud of the Long clan. Accusing this place of being depraved is pure bullsh—I mean, pure nonsense! It's the Long clan that is filled with depravity, backstabbing and backward mentality! Just look at yourself!"

Long Hui shot daggers at Wei Lan with his eyes. His expression was filled with pure hatred. Wei Lan was the reason why his parents divorced all those years ago. If only she didn't become a legitimate wife, then his youngest sister would've been born illegitimate like the rest of the other mistresses' children. Then his position in the clan wouldn't have become this unstable because he would be the only legitimate child from the main family.

All the negative thoughts and emotions had twisted Long Hui's logical reasoning. Today's events of him thinking that his fiancée was cheating on him with another man and even bringing his son along on her date plus Wei Lan's closeness to them were the final trigger. The pressure from his dwindling support and increasingly unstable position in the clan finally exploded with all its might.
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