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His Genius Wife is a Superstar 541 The Revelation Part I

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The guests who were gossiping about Long Jinjing just now had expressions of shocked disbelief on their faces. What?!! The illegitimate daughter of Long Tengfei with a mistress was Orchidia Beauty's CFO?!!!

Iris, Jin Liwei, Sun Jingfei, Long Tengfei and the others in their big group led the applause for Long Jinjing. Those who didn't know who she was—mostly the ones who weren't members of high society—followed suit and clapped their hands as well without hesitation.

"Long Jinjing? She has the same surname as Senior Iris. Are they related? They don't look alike, though."

"I think it has been mentioned before in the past that Iris Long has an older half-sister. Maybe she's the one?"

Amidst all of these gossiping in the audience, Long Jinjing gradually felt calmer after seeing her family and friends lead the applause for her. She might not hear them, but she certainly knew that the other guests were talking about her. She didn't mind it, but she worried about her mother who already had a reputation of being her father's mistress despite living a low-profile life away from high society.

However, Sun Jingfei was a tough and resilient woman when she needed to be.

"Don't worry, my child. Your mother will be alright. I'll attend the official launch. Why do I need to care about what others think and say about me? All I care about is how proud I am of my daughter! Imagine! Sun Jingfei's daughter is the CFO of a company right after graduating! Mother is so happy! We should always be grateful to your sister for giving you this opportunity," her mother told her a few days ago when Long Jinjing expressed her concern.

Long Jinjing stopped worrying too much about it after hearing her mother's assurance. However, her worry returned tonight, especially after seeing the judgmental looks some of the guests from high society were throwing at her mother and the two of them.

But now that she was onstage and introduced as Orchidia Beauty's CFO and also seeing the support of her family and friends, all her worries were washed away. She stood up straighter and her eyes became sharper.

'I am the CFO. I have every right to stand here,' she told herself.

After the applause died down, the emcees prepared to make another introduction.

Dom: "Next, please welcome Miss Chen Fei! She's Orchidia Beauty's Chief Operating Officer!"

Chen Fei stood up and headed to the stage as well to join her best friend, Long Jinjing, and the others. She walked with confidence and purpose. There was no hesitation in her at all.

"Finally, let's welcome MYSELF, Clover Chua! I also actually work for Orchidia Beauty, too. I'm the CEO's administrative assistant. Just want to let you know. Ehehehe."

The audience laughed at her corkiness. But knowing that she was the CEO's administrative assistant intensified their curiosity about the CEO even more. They weren't even sure if the owner and the CEO were the same person.

'I guess we'll just find out,' they thought.

Dom: "Now, the moment you have been all waiting for has finally arrived! I know that you've been wondering about this for so long."

Everyone sat up straighter and leaned forward, focusing all their attention to what he was saying. They didn't want to miss any of his words.

Dom: "Now please welcome the beautiful young woman who discovered the wonderful homemade skincare products from that local street market in Munich, Germany. With her keen eyes, she was able to spot the special qualities of the products. She gave the Bauer siblings the opportunity to sell their products to all of us, to China, and eventually in the near future to the rest of the world!"

Clover: "Please welcome, the Owner, President, Chief Executive Officer of Orchidia Beauty…and my boss—"

Dom: "Mine too!"

Both: "Miss IRIS LONG!!!"

Stunned silence.

Jin Liwei stood up and started clapping. The Jin main family did so as well. Grandpa Lu and Lu Zihao. Long Tengfei and Yang Jiahui. Wei Lan. Sun Jingfei. Maestro De Luca and Enrique Valdez. Everyone from Cross Academy. Hou Liang and Wu Chen. Qiao Yu. Tang Yiyi. All members of the girl squad.

When they started clapping, the other guests followed suit. However, the shock was still evident on their expressions.

The big boss and the other higher-ups from Bright Summit looked at Tang Yiyi in disbelief.

"Did you know about this?"

Tang Yiyi could only nod. "Yes, sir."

"Aish. I don't know whether to scold or praise you and Iris Long," the big boss said. But in the end, he nodded, a pleased expression on his face. "The grandness of tonight's event, especially with all of these influential guests, will certainly increase Iris Long's fame. This is good. Very good. No, it's great! Excellent! Let's hope that she'll be able to make this company of hers successful to maximize the positive effect on her fame."

"I don't think we should worry about that, sir," Tang Yiyi said. "Iris knows what she's doing."

"You're right. CEO Jin Liwei is her fiancé. I'm sure that he'll be able to guide her in running her business. Maybe he'll even bail her out if she ever goes bankrupt."Find authorized novels in Webnovel,faster updates, better experience,Please click www.webnovel.com for visiting.

Tang Yiyi opened her mouth to argue against what her boss said. However, she decided to hold her tongue instead.

'What bankrupt? Iris Long? That workaholic woman whose close eye for details makes even me want to go crazy by how much of a perfectionist she is? I think she has the nose of a bloodhound when it comes to sniffing career and money-making opportunities. She doesn't need CEO Jin to bail her out of anything. In fact, she doesn't even need him to guide her, except for when she specifically asks for his advice. After all, the legendary business genius Sir Lu Jianhong is her mentor! It's the case of a genius nurturing a genius!' Tang Yiyi thought to herself.

As Iris' manager, Tang Yiyi was privy to some of the most personal details of her life. It took quite some time before Tang Yiyi discovered the true relationship between Iris and Grandpa Lu. She was also able to learn that Iris was actually a certified genius herself—a student of the legendary school, Cross Academy!

After learning the true extent of Iris' impressive background, Tang Yiyi decided to hug Iris' huge, golden thigh instead of her current boss at Bright Summit. If the entertainment company ever started suppressing Iris for some stupid reason, Tang Yiyi wouldn't think twice in abandoning it to work directly for Iris instead. If that really happened, Bright Summit would be as good as sinking ship, anyway.

Tang Yiyi knew that beneath Iris' kindness and generosity lay a ruthless personality. It was just that she had a high tolerance level, preferring to focus on working hard to improve herself rather than reacting to every single person who bothered her.

Unfortunately to Iris' wannabe enemies, Jin Liwei didn't have such high tolerance. Tang Yiyi was well aware of how much the man loved Iris. If he could, he would tie the moon in a pretty bow and gift it to Iris, plus pluck a few stars from sky to add some sparkles that were better than diamonds.

In the same way that he loved Iris so deeply that he would give the whole universe to her, he would also be ready to soak the entire universe with the blood of her enemies in order to avenge her.

'With this kind of domineering couple, it's better to stay in their good side—always,' Tang Yiyi reminded herself.
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