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His Genius Wife is a Superstar 575 Wei Lan VS. Zhu Ning Part III

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Wei Lan's words touched the people watching the altercation. They admired her maternal protectiveness towards her daughter, Iris Long. They cheered for her and threw disgusted glares at Zhu Ning.

"You damn fake bitch!" Zhu Ning screamed.

Her dirty mouth earned even harsher condemnation from the crowd.

Seeing the crowd going against her and siding with her mortal enemy, Zhu Ning went crazier with fury. She struggled even harder against the mall security guards, injuring some of them.

"I hate you! I hate you so much! I hope you die, Wei Lan you slut! Your daughter too! I hope you both die! The world will be a better place without a slut mother and daughter like the two of you! I'll kill you both!! KILL YOU!!!"

The crowd gasped hearing Zhu Ning's demented words.


Wei Lan slapped Zhu Ning in the face.

"I can ignore you cursing me. I can ignore it! But cuuuuuursing this viscountess' daughter? Unfoooooorgivable!"


The various amateur livestreams of the fight had now become top trending. Online entertainment news website worked fast, releasing details and updates of the altercation as it was happening by being in direct correspondence with the eyewitnesses. Sensational headlines popped up all over the internet.

"Viscountess Wei Lan in a Public Fight with an Angry Spa Customer!"

"Wei Lan Beaten Black and Blue By an Anti-Fan!"

"Crazy Lady Threatens to Kill Iris Long and her Viscountess Mother!"

"Police Arrives and Drags Wei Lan's Attacker to Police Station!"

It didn't take long for some people to figure out the attacker's identity. Some netizens who knew her immediately commented and informed everyone.

"That crazy woman is Zhu Ning. She's CEO Long Tengfei's former mistress before he married Madam Wei Lan. Zhu Ning bore CEO Long a son who is Iris Long's older half-brother."

"Zhu Ning failed to marry Long Tengfei no matter how many times she tried seducing him to propose to her. But in the end, he still chose to marry Wei Lan, that's why Zhu Ning hates her very much. Wei Lan succeeded where she failed miserably!"

"Shameless woman! She's just a mistress! How dare she call the legal wife and daughter sluts?! Wei Lan might only be the second wife but at least she's still a legal wife, not like that shameless Zhu Ning who's just a mistress! Zhu Ning should look in the mirror before spouting such insults! She's the slut!"

The netizens condemned Zhu Ning's shameless and hypocritical behaviour. They were rankled by how she threatened to kill not only Wei Lan but also Iris Long. By this time, Iris Long was someone the general public was celebrating due to her great accomplishments since the year started. They took offense at Zhu Ning threatening such a talented and respectable young woman.


At the police station.

The place was surrounded by reporters, curious passersby and rumourmongers. Several police officers were mobilized to control the crowd and to keep them away from the police station.

Both Wei Lan and Zhu Ning were already inside. A few minutes later, Attorney Hong Shaoqiang arrived to represent Wei Lan. He was recognized by some of the reporters as Iris Long's lawyer. People were waiting if another lawyer would arrive to represent Zhu Ning. However, no such person came.

It wasn't that Zhu Ning didn't contact her lawyer. She did but he was unavailable. She tried calling her son to ask for help but couldn't contact him. Then she remembered that Long Jian should be on a flight back home at that moment. She called some of her friends, asking them to lend her a lawyer but they were taking a long time to respond to her request.

"I want to sue that slu—Wei Lan for physical assault!!!" Zhu Ning announced inside the station while the police officers were taking testimonies from all sides, including the spa management and some key eyewitnesses from the mall. At least she remembered not to curse too much while in the presence of the police officers. Then she showed them her hands and arms. "Look at my bruises! I'm injured! All of these were because of that woman!"

Wei Lan crossed her arms and lifted her chin in an indignant manner. "You got those bruises because you keeeeeep on beating me up! It's not myyyyy fault! Mr. Police Officer, look at me. My bruises are woooooorse than hers! I have scratches all oooooooover my body! Ah! I'm in sooooo much pain!"

"Shut up, slut!"

Wei Lan shrank back and showed a frightened expression. She also made her eyes water to maximize the effect, quickly glancing at the police officers to make sure that they could see how "scared" she was of Zhu Ning.

Attorney Hong Shaoqiang stepped forward and took over discussing the matter with the police. He didn't let Wei Lan speak anymore. As a skilled lawyer, he was able to dig the truth of what really happened. The spa manager revealed that it was their fault for changing the appointments on the spot in order to prioritize Wei Lan and push back Zhu Ning without a proper notification.

"Now we know that my client has no fault or responsibility in this matter," the attorney said. "Madam Zhu's accusation that my client stole her appointment and esthetician is unfounded. Therefore, the real victim in this case is my client!"

The spa manager and other employees looked sorry and ashamed for what they did, while Zhu Ning appeared as if she still didn't believe that it wasn't Wei Lan's fault.

After cooperating with the police, Wei Lan and company left the station.

When they were gone, Zhu Ning felt helpless alone. She didn't have a lawyer to represent her.

Being in the police station had somewhat calmed her down. She stopped carelessly raging at everyone. The intense negative feelings she let explode earlier and the gravity of the current situation finally started catching up with her. She felt dizzy, short of breath, and her chest felt tight and heavy.

Fortunately, there was an on-duty police medic at the station who immediately examined her. Moments later, the medic helped stabilize her condition. She felt better albeit looked cold and pale.

'I wish my son is here with me,' she thought.


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