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His Genius Wife is a Superstar 604 One Goal

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It was only when the tight security stopped Long Jian at the place's gates that he remembered that Dragon Palace Homes was one of the most, if not THE most, exclusive villages for the elite in the country. The unimpressed security guards who carried themselves like active soldiers refused to let him in without invitation from any of the exclusive village's property owners, all of them the elite of the most elite in their own fields. Fortunately, someone from Dragon Palace Home #10 called and informed them that he just received permission to enter.

From there, he had to go through several other security checkpoints. His destination, Dragon Palace Home #10, was the largest property in the village and also the farthest. When he finally reached it, he had to go through an even tighter check from the property's own security team.

'What is this? A top-secret military compound?' he inwardly grumbled as the guards performed a body check on him while checking every nook and cranny of his car.

He was in a hurry to meet Iris and Jin Liwei, feeling a tremendous impatience with all of these security checks which he thought were unnecessary. Security checks at airports weren't as strict and were easier and faster than this.

When he was finally cleared to enter the property's massive gates, he felt relieved, already imagining himself meeting his youngest sister and her powerful fiancé soon. He mentally practiced what he was going to say. The time he served as Deputy COO at Long Industries honed his conversation and negotiation skills, effectively increasing the effect of his natural charisma.

Despite this, he still felt uncertain whether he would be able to persuade Iris and Jin Liwei to help his mother. He didn't have much of a relationship with his youngest sister after all. She didn't have a duty to help him, especially since their mothers were enemies. He also didn't expect for her to help him. However, he still hoped that she would at least listen to him. His target was Jin Liwei, but he knew that the man wouldn't help him without Iris' approval. So Long Jian still needed to appeal to his youngest sister.

"I'm already here. Might as well go ahead and try. I don't have anything to lose by trying. I'm desperate right now. Mother is in a very bad situation," he muttered while driving the long, long…looooong driveway. "Where the fuck is the mansion? Did I get lost?"

He drove and drove and drove but hadn't arrived at his destination yet. To his dismay, it took him a full twenty minutes to drive between the property's massive gates to the actual mansion.


Good thing he drove and didn't walk. If he did, perhaps it would already be dawn by the time he arrived at the mansion.

Back to the present, Long Jian felt mentally and physically exhausted as he looked around the majestic and luxurious grand foyer. His eyes stopped at the huge portrait hanging on top of the twin grand staircases which showed the images of his youngest sister and her fiancé with their one, two…three cats. Huh? Three? He heard that the couple only had two cats after overhearing a few of Iris' fans who were also employees at Long Industries. Iris and Jin Liwei got a new one?

If he remembered correctly, the cats had ridiculous names, something related to food. He was 100% certain that it was his sister who thought up such stupid names. Peanut and Popsicle or something like that. Looking at the portrait of the three cats, he wondered what stupid name his sister gave the third one.

'I bet it's another food name. Maybe Pancake or something.'

Long Jian felt a little sorry for the cats. Jin Liwei shouldn't have allowed Iris to name them. Poor animals.

"Please follow me," the butler said, interrupting his thoughts.

He followed the butler through a series of long hallways. Every part of the place was decorated with more framed portraits of the couple, their cats, and Long Hui's son. He remembered that the boy was Iris and Jin Liwei's godson and that the couple was sheltering the child and the mother, Long Hui's bodyguard ex-girlfriend. This damaged the relationship between Long Hui and Iris.

'Stupid man. Why make Xiulan an enemy so blatantly? Now he has become CEO Jin's enemy, too. Utter stupidity,' he mentally criticized Long Hui.

He continued looking around the luxurious mansion and dreaming that he would also obtain this kind of great wealth for himself and his mother someday. Being successful as the Deputy COO was just the beginning for him. One day, he would surpass his father's success and eventually reach an equal footing with someone like Jin Liwei. Thus, he still wanted to succeed Long Tengfei and become the head of Long Industries in order to achieve this ambition. The strong drive to succeed was still there, but he was gradually losing the original crazed greed planted by his mother since childhood, all thanks to the influence of his new mentor, the COO.

It was obvious from the atmosphere in the mansion that his youngest sister perfectly belonged here. The numerous framed portraits almost always included her. In fact, she had the most photos as far as he noticed, even more than Jin Liwei, the master of the house. All of these indicated a warm, happy and loving family. It felt like home.

Long Jian felt envious of her. However, he felt too exhausted to wallow in this kind of negative emotion at the moment. He had one goal tonight.

The butler continued to lead him through more hallways, passing many patrolling security personnel. A few of them gave Long Jian the shivers because of their cold and deadly aura. They looked like they wouldn't hesitate to break his bones or even shoot him to death if he made any mistakes.

'Maybe this place is actually a secret military compound? And how long do I still need to walk? This place is too big. Dammit!'

Finally, after walking for a long time, the butler led him to an amazing place. It was an indoor forest!


Long Jian closed his mouth after realizing that his jaw had fallen down as he made sense of the incredible scene around him. The night sky was visible through the glass dome of the rotunda. If not for the warm temperature, he would have thought that he was in an actual natural forest, not a fucking indoor one.

They reached a clearing where he saw a fish pond, the water so clear that the koi fish could be seen swimming under the surface. In the centre of the pond was an islet where a living room set-up was arranged, complete with comfortable couches and a coffee table. Long Jian finally saw his youngest sister and her fiancé lounging on the longest couch together.

"Master, Mistress. Mr. Long has arrived," the butler announced.

The couple stood. Iris wore a guarded smile but her eyes were filled with curiosity as she observed him. On the other hand, Jin Liwei wore his usual cold and indifferent expression. Long Jian already knew that this was the man's default expression but for some reason, there was something else besides the cold indifference.

Was it hostility?

Long Jian cleared his throat and put on his best smile as he greeted his youngest sister and her intimidating fiancé.


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