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His Genius Wife is a Superstar 611 Strong Rivalry

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In the other executive van, Jin Chonglin's team also learned about the song's successful rise to the top of the music charts in Singapore and the Philippines.


"Thanks." Jin Chonglin looked pleased before thinking of something else. "My upcoming song with Xiulan, the one I wrote, will surpass 'Shining Eyes' in the music charts here and in those other Asian countries."

It was a statement of pure conviction.

"Yes, definitely!" agreed his assistants.

"Why aren't you saying anything?" Jin Chonglin asked after noticing his manager not saying anything. "You don't believe that this prince's song will surpass Xiulan's 'Shining Eyes'"?

"Of course, I believe in you," Lin Dong replied.

Jin Chonglin raised an eyebrow. "But?"

"There's no but, man. Give me a break!"

"Come on! You're my manager but we're also pals. We've been pals for years. You can tell me whatever's bugging you."

Lin Dong sighed. "I told you. I believe in you first and foremost. For me, you're the best superstar our country has to offer. And you haven't reached your limit yet. You still have lots of room to grow, especially on the world stage."

Jin Chonglin smirked, pleased by his manager's words. However, he could sense that Lin Dong had more to say.

"Just spill it."

Lin Dong sighed again. "It's nothing, really. You don't have to concern yourself too much about it. I just think that the stars have aligned for 'Shining Eyes' this time because it's the official theme song of a hit drama, not to mention that you're the other half of the duet. You're a superstar and already famous in other parts of Asia. I also heard that Mr. JJ signed a number of deals for localized versions of the song. Since Iris is the songwriter, her name will remain in the credits even if the song is adapted into another language and sang by other foreign singers. Your name, on the other hand…"

"What are you so worried about?" Jin Chonglin interrupted. "So what if my name won't included in the credits of the song's localized versions? Xiulan is the one who wrote it anyway so she deserves the full credit. At least, I'll remain as the other half of the original duet and I'll be known for that among the many international viewers who watched the non-localized version of the drama. Or are you saying that the upcoming duet I composed won't reach the same level of popularity or surpass the success of 'Shining Eyes'?"

"Not at all! That's not what I mean!"

"Then what do you mean? Enlighten me."

"No. Don't think about this anymore. It's my failure as your manager for even broaching this troublesome subject. Now you should take this time to rest a little until we arrive at the radio station. We have another long day today. Remember that you need to attend a meeting for a potential endorsement deal tonight after today's work with Iris," Lin Dong reminded.

"Yeah, yeah. Fine! Jeez. Here I was being nice to you and attempting to deepen our friendship but you just reject this prince's kindness, you bastard," Jin Chonglin in a sarcastic yet joking manner.

"At your service!"


Lin Dong and the assistants chuckled at Jin Chonglin's mock annoyance before quieting down so that he could rest.

Jin Chonglin closed his eyes. He was supposed to rest but his mind continued thinking about what he and his manager talked about just now. Although Lin Dong didn't spell it all out aloud, Jin Chonglin had an idea of what his manager was thinking about.

Indeed, the stars appeared as if they had aligned to make "Shining Eyes" a success for Iris. It was the theme song of a drama based on a popular webnovel. The drama became a hit first in China, then in other countries. In addition, he sang the duet with Iris. It wasn't that he was tooting his own horn but he was also quite famous across Asia and had tons of fans in other countries. He was certain that his presence also contributed to the song's popularity. Saying all of these, however, "Shining Eyes" was truly a beautiful song. Iris created another masterpiece, a love song that would be remembered for a long time and would forever be associated to the hit drama "Our Love, Our Destiny". It was no wonder that it would be loved by many, including foreigners. With Iris' insane creativity which had astounded him on numerous occasions, Jin Chonglin wasn't surprised that "Shining Eyes" rose to the top of foreign music charts so quickly.

Compared to "Shining Eyes", their next duet which he wrote wasn't associated with any hit drama. He only wrote it as a counterpart to "Shining Eyes" and also to satisfy his own ego as a fellow artist in response to Iris' composition. Not to mention that this song that he wrote was planned to be a single, a stand-alone without the pomp and impact of a full album.

He already knew all about these since the beginning and saw nothing wrong with it, but after learning that "Shining Eyes", the song that Iris wrote, was shooting its way to the top of foreign music charts, he also wanted his song to do the same. No, he wanted his song to surpass Iris', despite lacking all the boosters "Shining Eyes" had.

His hands tightened into fists as determination filled him.

'Who am I? I'm Jin Chonglin, a superstar! I've been successful in this industry longer than Xiulan—Iris Long. I can do it! My song can do it!'

He had many feelings regarding Iris, some of them questionable as her future brother-in-law, but mostly he was filled with respect for her as a fellow musician. At the same time, he felt a strong rivalry with her, wishing her the best but also wanting to best her in their craft.

Time passed and the van stopped.

"We're here. Time to work," Lin Dong announced.

Jin Chonglin opened his eyes and flashed his killer smile. "I'm ready."


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