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His Genius Wife is a Superstar 631 Poor Husband

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They stared at each in surprise, not expecting that they had the same idea.

"Love, you really want to…I mean, are you sure... Really?"

Iris rose and sat on the bed. He followed suit. They sat facing each other, their initial surprise replaced by wonder.

Jin Liwei wanted to marry her as soon as possible. He had been wanting to do so even before he realized that he had fallen in love with her, way back when he used all kinds of schemes to trick her into becoming his girlfriend. But after facing various challenges together and realizing that he couldn't live the rest of his life without her, he became determined to do everything in order to keep her by his side forever. That included respecting and accepting her wish to wait until she was ready before they could marry, despite wanting to make her officially and lawfully his wedded wife right after his successful marriage proposal.

He welcomed the "accident" that happened to them in his office earlier today. If the "accident" successfully bore fruit and she really got pregnant, then he finally had a strong reason to persuade her to marry him sooner than they originally planned. He had been waiting for something like this to push their wedding forward.

Although he harboured thoughts of poking needle holes in his condoms or entering her raw before, he never put them into action because he would never betray her trust by doing those shady deeds behind her back. So when the condom broke during their intense lovemaking in his office, he was also shocked and didn't expect it to happen. He sure didn't break it on purpose. Nevertheless, he also didn't regret that he broke it. If his baby girl forgot to give Dominic Chua a raise after this, Jin Liwei decided that he would give it himself!

Thanks to the "fragile" condom that Dom gave his baby girl, Jin Liwei now had an extra powerful ammo to make her marry him sooner. If she really got pregnant, there was no way he would allow their child to be born illegitimate and subject her and their baby to the ridicule of those idiotic people with backward mentality.

He already made a mental plan on how to persuade her to agree with him, not expecting that she would also suggest the same thing. This was why he was overjoyed when he heard the words "Let's get married" from her own lips.

As for Iris, her reason for suggesting to marry earlier than planned wasn't as complicated as this. She just didn't want her big brother beating the shit out of Jin Liwei and possibly even murdering him if Lu Zihao discovered that she got pregnant out of wedlock—IF she really got pregnant.

Her fiercely protective big brother was the traditional type when it came to her and would never forgive Jin Liwei if he knocked her up before marrying her. In fact, it was already commendable that her brother was able to control himself and (reluctantly) accept the fact that Jin Liwei took her virginity and was living with her in addition to sleeping with her on a regular basis before marriage.

Iris was thankful that her brother was now Lu Zihao, a sworn brother of Jin Liwei, and not the infamous and terrifying crown prince of the Vetrovs. If her brother was still Nikolai Vetrov…she shivered just thinking about it. 

Thus, in order to prevent her darling from getting murdered by her big brother, she thought that getting married earlier than planned would be the safer choice.

"Let's marry before winter," Jin Liwei suggested.

"So soon? What if I'm not pregnant after all?"

He frowned. "You won't marry me sooner if you're not pregnant?"

"That's not what I mean. It's just that both of us are extremely busy right now…"

"I already told you many times before that you're more important to me than my work. If I need to, I'll take leave from work for you. Don't forget that I'm the boss of Jin Corporation. I can create my own damn schedule if I want to. Busy or not, I'll choose you over the company at any time. Besides, if anyone dares to kick me out of Jin Corporation, I'll just become a househusband. After all, my wife is a famous celebrity, not to mention that she has her own businesses which are doing extremely well. You'll take care of me and support me if your poor husband suddenly becomes unemployed, won't you, my love?"

Iris fell into a fit of giggles. "Of course, darling. I think I can manage to earn enough for both of us."

"And for our children, too," he added.

Her giggles turned nervous but she still nodded. "Yes. For our children, too," she agreed in a soft voice.

He pulled her in his arms. "Don't worry, love. Except for Grandpa Lu, I won't let anyone snatch Jin Corporation away from me that easily. It's the company which my own grandfather worked so hard with Grandpa Lu to build from the ground up and my father maintained until it was handed down to me. I want to be the one to take care of you and support you. But at least, I now have the peace of mind that you'll be willing to become a working wife if I ever end up being a humble househusband."

"We'll take care and support each other, Liwei."

"En." He inhaled the lovely scent of her hair (Orchidia Beauty shampoo and conditioner, soon to be released) and hugged her tighter. "I know that marrying me now will set you back a bit after all your hard work since the year started because there are still idiots who think that you're using me to advance your career."

Her expression turned serious as she listened to him.

He continued, "I know that you want to be recognized for your own accomplishments and I respect that. I love and admire that about you. You're such a strong and independent woman, yet not everyone sees that. Stupid, blind fools!"


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