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His Genius Wife is a Superstar 688 Crazy in Love with You

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"En." Jin Liwei nodded.

"You want to lower the prices?" Lu Zihao asked.


Iris scrunched her delicate brows. "What do you mean? Don't tell me you want to increase the prices."

"En." Jin Liwei nodded again.

Lu Zihao raised both eyebrows, his devil's smile becoming bright. Dom gasped dramatically while Qiao Yu and the lawyers looked at Jin Liwei like he had gone insane. Iris also felt the same way as them.

"What?! Have you gone crazy?!" Iris couldn't help but glare at him.  

"En," he agreed with a soft smile. "Crazy in love with you."

"Ayiiii!!!!!" Dom, who had been hyperventilating just a few moments ago, was now flushed red with excitement and hugging Popcorn while ehehehe-ing like a creepy person.

Iris was about to scold Jin Liwei for his insanity but upon hearing his words, her heart immediately melted into a warm puddle and a stupid grin spread on her beautiful face. She batted her shining eyes at him and pressed her body in his embrace. "You crazy man," she told him in a sweet voice. "Why do I love you so much?"

"Because we belong together."

She giggled and rested her head on his shoulder and started nuzzling his neck. The couple had now completely forgotten the others' presence while immersed in their own little world.

Dom was already used to Iris and Jin Liwei always acting lovey-dovey but Lu Zihao's expression turned dark as they watched the couple on the verge of making out indecently in front of them. The three guests—Hong Shaoqiang, Kang Huizhong and Qiao Yu—averted their eyes from their employers. They felt awkward and wished that they could escape this cruel attack of the dogfood.

"Hey," Lu Zihao called out.

No reaction.

His expression turned darker.


Still no reaction.

He stretched out one long leg and banged it down hard on the coffee table in front of him, causing everyone to jump at the loud sound.

"Ay kabayo!" Dom was so startled that he tossed the equally alarmed Popcorn who ran away and hid under Jin Liwei's desk nearby.

"Me…ow?" Ice Cream lazily opened her eyes on her mommy's lap, glaring and grumbling a complaint at the loud sound for disturbing her beauty sleep before changing her position and returning to sleep, dead to the world once again.

Qiao Yu and the two lawyers whipped their heads at Lu Zihao and looked at him with caution. Their eyes shifted to the coffee table made of sturdy wood but now had a long crack from where Lu Zihao hit it to almost the other end. However, the three guests remained quiet and didn't comment.

The loud, jarring sound burst the love-filled bubble the couple was immersed in. They turned their heads at the same time and discovered that it was Lu Zihao who disturbed them. Jin Liwei threw a cold glare at his fifth brother while Iris looked unhappy and embarrassed at the same time.

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Lu Zihao retracted his foot from the cracked table. His dark expression was gone, replaced by an emotionless one. "Third Brother, weren't you the one who told us to make this meeting quick? And now it's you and little sister who're prolonging it. It's getting late. We should finish up." Then as if finally noticing the crack he made on the poor table, he added, "I'll replace it."

Both Iris and Jin Liwei didn't care about the broken table. They were annoyed at being disturbed but Lu Zihao's words reminded them of the important meeting. Sighing, the couple straightened themselves and prompted the lawyers to continue.

"CEO Jin, you mentioned that you want to increase the prices in the prenuptial agreement," Kang Huizhong addressed Jin Liwei. His hawk-like features appeared sharper than usual, barely able to hide his disapproval at his client's words. However, he was still a professional so he maintained a neutral tone while asking, "Could you clarify the specific changes you want to make?"

Jin Liwei nodded and began explaining. Simply speaking, he didn't mind the severely unfair prenuptial agreement at all because he believed that they wouldn't need to ever use it.

Besides, he already expected that his Fifth Brother Lu Zihao would come up with the most ridiculous prenup clauses in order to protect the most important woman in their lives, Long Xiulan. He already accepted the special sibling bond between his baby girl and fifth brother for quite some time now and understood that it had become much more precious than their own brotherhood. In fact, he understood it extremely well because he, too, viewed his baby girl as the most important and precious existence in his life above anyone else including the family who raised him and his own sworn brothers. She was now his family and he also wanted to protect her even from himself, so he didn't mind the prenuptial agreement drafted according to Lu Zihao's suggestions.

"I know that I'll never cheat on Xiulan nor will I ever allow the two of us to divorce after we marry," he said to everyone. "Even if she wants to divorce me in the future, I'll do everything in my power to persuade her otherwise and to win her love again so that she'll stay with me forever. In short, the possibility that I'll cheat or divorce Xiulan is zero. Even so, if the impossible ever happens and I become retarded for some reason and ended up cheating on her, then I deserve the worst punishment for my crime and need to give Xiulan full compensation for hurting her."

Iris took his hand and squeezed it as she looked at him. She initially wanted to make the quip "I'll castrate you if you ever cheat on me" but stopped herself upon seeing his sincere and serious face. She remained silent just like the others and let him finish what he was saying, not expecting that he would drop a huge bombshell next.

"That's why I want to change the prices in the prenup. Make it so that if I ever make the mistake of cheating or divorcing Xiulan, she'll get 100% of my total wealth."A mild Filipino expletive typically used when someone is startled. "Kabayo" means "horse".
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