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His Genius Wife is a Superstar 793 Invading His Mind

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Once Lu Zihao arrived at the headquarters, he went straight to the training area in order to purge the remaining restless energy inside him, even though he already felt calmer and more balanced because of his night with Long Jinjing. His subordinates were lucky because it made him less brutal towards them during sparring compared to their hellish sparring yesterday at Dragon Palace when he beat all of their asses. 

Back to the present, he headed to his private bathroom after training. He stripped all his clothes until he stood under the shower in all his naked glory. [This novel is a contracted work with W e b n o v e l . c o m (remove spaces). If you're not reading this chapter on W e b n o v e l, it has been stolen. It's very discouraging to see thieves profitting from my hard work. Please read this novel on W e b n o v e l. Thank you! Also follow me on Instagram @arriacross]

Despite his great mood, his expression hardened as he looked down at his groin. What greeted him was a raging erection.

"You want her again, huh?" he talked to his manhood before grasping it with his fist.

This was what he got for remembering the woman and all the things he did with her last night. Not one to deprive himself unnecessarily, he started stroking himself while imagining that it was Long Jinjing's hot mouth sucking him. 

The one she gave him in her own bathtub last night had been amazing. She learned quickly how to pleasure him using her mouth despite her gag reflex. He was right. She could take him.

All the memories from last night was still very fresh in his mind. Her scent, her moans, her body, her shy looks, and the way she said his name—Nikolai—as she orgasmed. 

He groaned and his fist tightened around his erection. His eyes shut close and he started panting as he increased the speed of his hand. 

In his mind, she was bent over the shower as he slammed his hips hard and fast behind her again and again. Her moans and cries were so clear that he almost thought that she was real and with him right now, letting him fuck her again until she couldn't walk properly.

'Nikolai!' she cried out, squeezing him hard as she climaxed.

He squeezed his own manhood with his hand and soon his body stiffened.


He came hard. His release spewed out and hit the wall in seven strong spurts. He continued moving his fist quickly up and down, milking himself as he imagined that it was Long Jinjing's wet heat that he was ejaculating into.

When he was finished, he rested both his hands on the wall to support himself while he calmed his gasping breaths. His body felt extremely light. He felt more balanced than ever.

He should be feeling even better now, right?


Although his body felt relaxed, his mind was now in total chaos.

He orgasmed so hard by just touching himself while fantasizing about a woman he had sex with last night. This was the first time that he had ever felt shaken after masturbating. Sex was just a common bodily function to him, something that he had to do in order to maintain his health and fitness. He enjoyed the deed but was impersonal to it.

But what the hell just happened? What was this urge to see the woman again, to fuck her again? How could he, Nikolai Vetrov, allow a woman to occupy his mind like this? This was unacceptable!

Long Jinjing was just another woman he bedded.

'Not just another woman. You treated her nicely. Been gentle with her. Talked with her and eased her into feeling more comfortable with you. Focused on giving her as much pleasure as you took from her. And most importantly, you told her to call you by your real name.'

The voice inside his head whispered, irritating him to no end, even though he knew that it was his own. He wanted to deny it but the truth of the matter was that he really did treat Long Jinjing differently from the other women he fucked before. 

As someone who treated sex in a dispassionate manner, all his bedmates before were, simply speaking, just receptacles for his lust. He also pleasured them, of course. However, he only did that to maintain his interest in the deed and to keep things a little exciting.

But with her, he was more careful, more attentive, and more excited to see her adorable, innocent reactions to his vulgarity.

'It's because she's your sister's friend.'

Indeed, that was part of the reason why he was kinder to Long Jinjing. She was his sister's friend and the blood sibling of Evelinka's current body. He had to give her that much decency, at least.

Even so, he realized that he should never have propositioned a one-night stand to the woman in the first place. It was a big mistake, especially right now that he couldn't stop thinking of her. The simple truth was that he wanted to fuck her again.

She had the image of a good, innocent and proper young lady and yet she learned quickly how to pleasure him despite her shyness. In fact, she was eager to give him pleasure. 

There was no fear of him in her eyes, only curiosity, shy attraction and pure desire. And he liked that. Liked it too damn much.

'Forget about her.'

Yes, that was what he should do. Forget about the woman. And yet even as he decided this, her shy smiles and the sweet way she said his name Nikolai played inside his mind over and over like an endless loop.


It took a long time before he was able to calm down. He was distracted the entire time he showered. By the time he stepped out of the bathroom, he was cursing Long Jinjing for invading his mind. 

What was even more aggravating was that he was rock-hard once again. This time, he didn't touch himself. He had a feeling that Long Jinjing's image would be the one occupying his mind if he masturbated again. At this rate, he wouldn't be able to stop thinking about her.

"This is just lust. I'll forget about her as soon as I have another woman."

And that was what he planned on doing. Tonight, he would fuck another woman and soon forget about the shy, sweet smile of Miss Prim and Proper Long Jinjing.

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