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His Genius Wife is a Superstar 84 Rolling on the Bed Naked

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"I'll pay," Jin Liwei fished out his wallet from his pocket.

"No. They're my cats so I'll pay," Iris stopped him. Then she unzipped her small leather backpack for her own wallet.

"Baby girl, they're OUR cats."


"So let me pay this time, okay?"

She thought for a few seconds. "Fine."

He handed a black card to the cashier. The manager's eyes popped wide open upon seeing the legendary black card. He pushed aside the cashier and hurriedly received the black card with shaking hands. It was the first time he ever saw one. He wanted to take a selfie with it, but stopped himself.

After the transaction, the manager reluctantly returned the card to Jin Liwei. He almost didn't want to let it go. He rubbed his fingers all over his body, hoping for some of the financial fortune from the black card he just touched would bring him good luck.

The clerks all helped carry the shopping bags and boxes out to the parked car. Jin Liwei instructed Iris to head back to the vet clinic first while he and the clerks stuffed and squeezed all their purchases inside the car.

Back at the clinic, Iris signed what needed to be signed and paid what needed to be paid. She was also given a schedule of appointments for the kittens' first vaccinations. Then she finally collected the kittens. They were all cleaned up and together inside a new carrier lined with a warm blanket. Iris thanked the veterinarian and then exited the clinic with the carrier.

Jin Liwei and the clerks just finished when she reached the car.

Finally, they drove away headed for home. The sky was already dark. It was evening.

Gold Heights Condominium.

Outside the condo building, two of Jin Liwei's men climbed out of a waiting car. Iris recognized one of them as the one who delivered the silver car that morning.

"Master," they both greeted Jin Liwei and then politely nodded at her.

"Bring all of our purchases to the penthouse," he ordered.


One of the men handed Jin Liwei a garment bag. It was his business suit for work tomorrow. He and Iris headed up first. His two men made several elevator trips before all their purchases and the baskets from the farm villa were delivered to the penthouse.

Dom was already back in time for dinner. He squealed upon seeing the adorable kittens, immediately playing with them.

"Put everything in my bedroom," Iris instructed Yi Mei.

"Absolutely not," Jin Liwei rejected the idea.

"But I want the kittens in my room."

"Not a good idea, baby."

She frowned. "Why not?"

"Now that we've adopted them, we're now their parents. And they're our kids. Baby girl, you're now a mother. Would you like our kids to personally see us, their parents, rolling on the bed naked?"

Dom gasped in delight. Yi Mei's eyes widened in horror. The maids all blushed and avoided looking at the couple. Jin Liwei's two men had their usual stoic expressions but the suspicious flush on their faces, ears and neck betrayed their true emotions.

"Oh." Iris blushed a bit before nodding. Turning to Yi Mei, she instructed, "Put everything in one of the guest bedrooms. Convert it into a cat room within the week."

"Understood, Young Miss," Yi Mei replied, quickly recovering from what Jin Liwei said. Then she began instructing the maids and Jin Liwei's two men as to which room to place all the kitty stuff.

Afterwards, everyone had dinner together. Even Jin Liwei's men stayed over to eat before leaving.

The cook prepared a delicious Greek-style dinner. The main dishes were roasted lamb chops, chicken and pork souvlakia [1] with lemon rice pilaf [2]. The side dishes were horiatiki salad [3] and roasted potatoes sprinkled with feta cheese and choices of yoghurt and ginger sauce dressings.

Iris and Jin Liwei ate together at a small table by the living area, overlooking the dazzling night lights of the city outside the ceiling-high glass windows. Dom ate with the others at the big granite kitchen island, including Jin Liwei's two men. All the men wolfed down everything. Nothing was left when the meal was over.

After the meal was hot peppermint tea. Iris and Jin Liwei sipped the tea before heading to the cat room to visit the kittens.

Dom and one of the maids were feeding the kittens milk from tiny bottles. Seeing this, Iris immediately wanted to try and took the bottle from the maid.

"Sir boss, wanna try too?" Dom asked Jin Liwei.

Wordlessly, Jin Liwei took the bottle from Dom and started feeding one of the kittens as well.

"Ehehehe!" Dom took his phone and started snapping photos of the couple and the kittens while squealing. "Oh my God! Cuteness overload! I'm gonna die from too much cuteness! Popcorn, stay still and let daddy feed you milk. Sir boss, hold him gently. Yes, like that. Ah! Ice Cream is so well-behaved! So cute! Even the way she sucks milk is so elegant. Just like her mommy!"



[1] Plural for "souvlaki". It's basically grilled skewer of either meat or vegetables. Yum!

[2] Rice cooked in stock and spices, sometimes mixed with small pieces of vegetables and/or meat.

[3] Traditional Greek salad usually consisting of tomatoes, cucumber, onion, olives, and feta cheese. Very healthy. Yum!
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