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Renegade Immortal Chapter 2003 - Ancient Dao Ambassadors

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The Ancient clan’s vast land was covered in black earth.

This place was different from the delicate beauty of the celestial clan. Here, it was vast and rough. In particular, the black earth would give people a sense of being suppressed.

But at the same time, the vast world would cause this suppression to spread as one looked into the horizon. It was as if breathing the aura of the Ancient clan could make one fuse with this place.

Unlike the celestial clan, the Ancient clan was a complete monarchy. The Ancient clan was divided into three countries: Ancient Shi, Ancient Dao, and Ancient Ji.

The power of the three Ancient emperors was not something the Celestial Emperor could compare to. Here, the power of the royal family reigned supreme. It created an invisible pressure that shrouded the land and the heart of every ancient clan member.

In the imperial palace of the celestial clan, when there was danger, everyone had chosen to escape without hesitation. They wouldn’t risk their lives. However, in the Ancient clan, there were only two extremes.

One, the intruder dies.

Two, the entire clan goes extinct!

This was the Ancient clan - it was something inherited for countless years. It was even laughed at by the celestial clan, but this was the power every generation of Celestial Emperor wished for!

The emperor of the Ancient clan was the sky and represented the Ancient Ancestor. Their noble blood could not be erased by any force! The Ancient clan respected bloodlins the most!

Even Grand Empyreans had no right to remove an Ancient emperor. In terms of cultivation, the Grand Empyrean was the guardian of the clan, but in terms of power, the Ancient emperor could command every clan member!

If there was ever a conflict of order between the Ancient emperor and the Grand Empyrean, then far more people would listen to the Ancient emperor over the Grand Empyrean!

This was very different from the celestial clan. In the celestial clan, Jiu Di had dared to scheme against the Celestial Emperor, and even kill him!

But in the Ancient clan, although the Grand Empyreans were powerful, they would never hurt any Ancient emperors. This was because of a law set by the strongest Grand Empyrean on the Immortal Astral Continent!

He would protect the three clans of the Ancient clan, an existence that could become the sole Ancient emperor.

At the center of the three clans lay the holy land of the Ancient clan, where the strongest Grand Empyrean was.

Wang Lin had learned about the Ancient clan from Xuan Luo in the cave world and from the records at the Purple Yang Sect. As a result, Wang Lin wasn’t as lost as when he first entered the celestial clan.

However, the Ancient clan was simply too big and Wang Lin didn’t have the map to the Ancient Dao. He needed to find a map before he could head to the Ancient Dao.

“The Ancient clan’s three clans are the Ancient Shi, the most powerful; Ancient Ji, the most united; and Ancient Dao, which has the most people but is also the weakest.” Wang Lin walked on the black earth and took a deep breath.

He knelt down and grabbed a handful of dirt. He placed it next to his nose. He could feel that there was a force there that made his Ancient bloodline tremble.

“Teacher, disciple has arrived at the Ancient clan…” Wang Lin stood up and walked forward.

Before Wang Lin, there was a giant city. This city was made completely out of some kind of black stone. This stone was very rough but gave off a domineering feeling.

This sense of domineering seemed to be inside the core of every single Ancient clan member.

Inside the city, all the buildings were rough and very large. Members of the Ancient clan quickly moved through the city. There were burly men in the leather armor constantly shouting. Normal people who saw them would immediately reveal fear and avoid them.

There was a crowd outside the city; it was very lively.

Wang Lin was far from the city gate. He didn’t choose to go in and instead stood there, looking at them. He saw ancient demons, ancient devils, and ancient gods! Although their sizes were the same, the stars between their eyebrows, in their left eyes, and in their right eyes gave Wang Lin a familiar feeling.

This was the first time Wang Lin had seen so many Ancient clan members.

There were seven burly men wearing leather armor outside the gate. Each of them had stars flashing between their eyebrows or in their eyes. They looked at the people outside the gate impatiently and would even shout at them.

“Hurry up. The ones in the back, move faster too! The city will be sealed in half an incense stick of time!”

“After entering Blackstone City, immediately scatter and stay in the city for three days! Without the city lord’s order, no one is allowed out!”

As the burly man roared, the lively city gate gradually became quiet. Those that wanted to enter the city accelerated their pace.

In less than half an incense stick of time, the outside of the city was empty, creating a huge contrast compared to the lively scene from before. The Ancient clan members that had entered the city had quickly dispersed, so not many figures were seen inside the city. The only thing one could see were the nearly 100 burly men in leather armor standing in various critical corners of the city. Their gazes were sometimes on the city gate and sometimes on the towering building at the center of the city.

The emptiness of this place revealed Wang Lin’s figure and attracted the attention of the seven burly men outside the city.

Wang Lin’s expression was calm as he withdrew his gaze and turned to walk into the distance. There was no one strong in this city. The map jade Wang Lin wanted had to be as detailed as possible, and only the strong would have such a jade.

But just as he turned around, a voice came from behind him.


Two of the seven burly men immediately walked over. They both had five ancient god stars between their eyebrows.

Wang Lin frowned. He stopped and turned to look at the two coming toward him.

The two burly men had fierce gazes. One of them looked unfriendly and shouted, “Who are you, where are you from?!”

Wang Lin slowly said, “Wang Lin.”

“You have been standing here for a long time and still didn’t enter the city. Take out your identification token!” The other burly man stretched out his right hand.

The burly man spoke once more. “Also, reveal your clan mark!”

Wang Lin faintly smiled and nine stars slowly appeared between his eyebrows. The nine stars gave off a ghostly light and made Wang Lin look no different from the members of the Ancient clan.

The moment the nine stars appeared, the two burly men were startled and their pupils shrank. They retreated a few steps and clasped their hands at Wang Lin.

“Greetings, God Lord. We didn’t know Lord was coming and were disrespectful. Please punish us, God Lord.” They were extremely respectful and contained a trace of excitement.

Their sudden change attracted the attention of the other five people outside the city gate. After seeing the nine stars between Wang Lin’s eyebrows, they immediately walked up and clasped their hands.

“Greetings, God Lord!”

Wang Lin was quite shocked, but his expression remained the same. He didn’t have much understanding of the Ancient clan. He knew about the landscape and simple structure, but not the traditions of the area.

“After I revealed my nine ancient god stars, they started referring to me as ‘God Lord?’ Does that mean 9-star ancient demons are called the Demon Lord and 9-star ancient devils are call the devil lord?” Wang Lin speculated on this matter.

“My inheritance from Ye Mo is incomplete and I don’t have many of his memories. I only know that in the Ancient clan, no matter which of the three clans they come from, they are composed of ancient god, ancient demon, and ancient devil.

“I wonder what the title for someone who has nine ancient god, ancient demon, and ancient devil stars is…” Wang Lin pondered and remembered when he went through the second calamity of the third trial in the cave world and obtained the recognition of the Ancient Ancestor.

Over the years, although Wang Lin had cultivated his Ancient body by force, he had achieved nine stars for all three, but he rarely revealed it.

“From their appearance, there aren’t many people with nine stars in the Ancient clan… Or perhaps this place is rather remote.” Wang Lin revealed a faint smile.

“No harm. Do you have a map jade?” Wang Lin asked casually. Not many people could understand him in the celestial clan as this a language unique to the Ancient clan.

The burly man was startled but didn’t ask any questions. He waved his right hand and a jade appeared. The jades were the same in the celestial and Ancient clans, but the auras required to open them were different.

“This little one’s jade is incomplete and only has an approximate map.” The burly man respectfully took out a jade. Wang Lin took it and his ancient power swept through it.

This jade was indeed very simple, like the man had said. It only had details about the nearby countries, and the further it went, the more blurry it was.

But through the map in the jade, and with Wang Lin’s understanding, he now knew that the 12 countries at the northern part belonged to the Ancient Shi. Going south, splitting into two directions, were the Ancient Ji and Ancient Dao, forming a triangle.

This Blackstone City was at the edge of the Mu Sang Country of the Ancient Shi.

Wang Lin held the jade and slowly asked, “I wonder, why is the city being sealed?”

One of the two burly men responded to Wang Lin and held nothing back. “Reporting to God Lord. I received orders from the city lord to clear out the gates of Blackstone City in one incense stick of time to welcome Prince Ji Du and the Ancient Dao ambassadors’ arrival.”

“Ancient Dao ambassadors? I just came out from closed door cultivation and don’t know about this. Tell me the details.” Wang Lin’s eyes lit up an undetectable amount.

The burly didn’t hesitate to respond respectfully.

“This little one doesn’t know much about the Ancient Dao ambassadors. But the rumor is that the Ancient Dao’s royal family has been sending people out for hundreds of years in search of beautiful women. It is said that… the Ancient Dao Emperor is looking to choose a concubine.”
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