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Soaring of Galaxia》latest chapter(Tips:Updating!)

Soaring of Galaxia

Author:LiTian Status:Active UpdateTime:2020-07-08 09:31:05 Updates:937 Intimidating the Old Monster
Description In China’s modern martial arts society, Wu Xinghe was history’s youngest grandmaster of martial arts. He was invincible. Because of a strange incident, he was reincarnated as Qin Wushuang, a poor aristocratic boy in an entirely different world with its own set of rules. With his strong will and passion, he began his journey to pursue the highest peak of martial arts! The main character’s beliefs are: Never comply with the aristocrats or the rich people, regardless of any situation. To only depend on your own strength because, eventually, you will have the power to be invincible. Rise! Soar through the Galaxia! Qì chōng xīnghé 气冲星河
Soaring of Galaxia

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