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The Immortal Player 18 Trio

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After 10 minutes, Bert and Star were able to make the final head-on collision to kill their last wild pig requirement.

"Sister Star? Should we help him?" Berting was at a young age, he was naturally more trusting and kind compared to Starberry.

"Let's let him do his own business!" Starberry was sitting down on the grass, her back slightly bent backward with her left hand preventing her from lying down and her other hand resting on the ground still grasping her newbie sword.

"But..." Berting tried to persuade her but Starberry instantly looked at him with a frown.

"Check his stamina!" Starberry pointed to Mathew's figure.

Berting then switched his view to Mathew and checked his information.


Name: Happy Face Killer (Player)

Level: 3

HP: 100/100

MP: 27/90

Stamina: 15/30


"That is why!" Berting looked at the running figure of Mathew, He and Starberry ran for almost 10 minutes. Berting assumed that they didn't burn that much stamina since they had leveled up. Their nearly exhausted stamina and Mana Points (MP) went back to full and if they didn't level up on the process, they would have almost empty stamina and rest for some period of time.


The stamina was still a mystery to the players at the moment, except Pedro.

He knew that stamina consumed and recovery depends on the physical physique of the player's character like in his or her real life.

The actual computation or "formula" was not revealed by the developers even in his past life. Hence, players only deducted that the stamina in a player's information panel was just an aid to help them determine their fatigue level.

Doing activities like running will get a player exhausted like how he does in real life. The only difference between Bearth and reality is that there was the stamina in a player's information panel that serves as a reference for a player's fatigue level.


Berting's assumption was half true and half not. It is true that leveling up kept their stamina from reaching critical stages. However, It was not true that it went back to full. It was just because as a player level up, the strength of his character increases, consequently. This includes his stamina consumption and recovery.

This was just like running or jogging. When one ran for the first time, he or she may run a few hundred meters. As he or she does this regularly, he or she will eventually be able to run more, up until he or she can run a kilometer. This was what happened to the stamina of a player when he or she levels up. The same mechanic applies to MP and HP that makes Bearth more real compared to other AVR Games.

Players were still in closed beta version, so, there was no need to hide profiles like name and such

and put them in private mode. They played the closed beta version for the experience of the game and the pieces of information they might get, to be ahead on the official launch of the game while helping the developers identify some bugs or errors. Though Bearth's developers were confident that there were no bugs or errors in the game, they still decided to conduct a closed beta version as assurance and as a norm in games. As they said, nothing is perfect.

* Claap... Claap... Starberry stands, she sheathed back his sword to its scabbard and clapped to get Berting's attention.

"Let's submit these to that village soldier!" Starberry pulled two dead wild pigs in its tail and started walking back to the village.

"Ohh... Sister Star! you left one of your dead wild pig!" Berting reminded.

"....??? I can only drag two of them..." Starberry replied in a soft and shy voice.

"Is that so? Then let me pull the other one!" Berting dragged Starberry's third wild pig and acted like a gentleman. He now drags four wild pig, pulling two tails of a wild pig each hand.

'They are heavier than I thought!' Berting struggled to pull the four dead wild pig. Though he struggled, he tried his best to hide it, in order to impress Starberry. As of now, he was a replaceable party member for Starberry. He gained Starberry's trust because of his show of loyalty. However, He knew that in order to be a professional and join top tier guilds, He would need skills or talent at the least. Top tier professional players were not ranked by loyalty in the first place.


"Sigh..." Mathew sighed as he saw Berting and Starberry dragging dead bodies of wild pigs.


"respected villager! Here are the dead wild pigs you tasked us to kill!" Berting talked to village soldier Tam.

"Great!... But where is the other man?" Village soldier Tam was joyed seeing the number of wild pigs he can use as bait.

"other man?" Starberry and Berting looked at each other and got a sour look.

"Yeah!" Village soldier Tam nodded

"Uhm... respected villager... he is still killing wild pigs, the method both of us used was easier and efficient than his. That's why we finished faster!" Berting explained

"Is that so..." Village soldier Tam's expression changed as if looking a bit disappointed.

"Before I forgot, Here are your rewards!" Village soldier Tam handed 5 silver coins each to Starberry and Berting.

"We're rich!!" Berting's young eyes shine bright of greed! The highest amount of coins received by the players from B-rated quests were around 30 bronze coins. The difference in reward coins was more than ten times that of an A-rated quest. This proved that the harder the quests the more rewards there would be.

Before they could further react, the system notification sounded.


[System Notification!]

Quest: Proof of Strength!

Rating: A-rated



Generating Rewards...


5 Silver Coins

4 pig skins


Quests that gave exp were very rare occasions, quest rewards normally consisted of coins, materials, Items, skills or anything the quest giver can reward. At the same time, reward's rarity is always proportionate to the quests' rarity. (materials that can be used, like crafting or potioneering. what, where, and how to use materials were dependent on the players. For example, pigskin can be used as food or can be used on experiments to make potions and such.)

"Respected villager! Is there anything else you'd want us to do?" Berting still possessed with greed asked in an excited manner, expecting that village soldier Tam will issue another hunt quest and their rewards would be of the same value.

"Hahahaha! enthusiasm is good, adventurer! but greed is dangerous!" Village soldier Tam reminded.

"Young ones are really just full of energy! Hahahaha" Starberry commented.

"Hahahaha! True! True!" Village soldier Tam nodded in agreement as they saw a figure from a distant slowly approaching them.

"It seems like everyone will join the camping trip! hahaha!" Village soldier Tam became more lively and happy.

As expected, Mathew succeeded in completing the quest. The number of wild pigs he actually killed was around 10. He was reluctant at first to harvest the other 7 dead bodies and gain some wild pig materials thinking that if he submitted more than the required he would get additional rewards.

However, he could at most pull four wild pigs, he was sure that he can do three trips back and forth to submit the 10 dead wild pig to village soldier Tam, however, the dead bodies of the wild pig will disintegrate after some time, so he decided to just stick to the quest requirement.

Even if he submitted an extra dead wild pig, he thought that it wouldn't make a bigger difference on the rewards village soldier Tam will give and it would be more beneficial for him to harvest the materials he can get from the dead wild pig.

After completion of the quest, Mathew received the same rewards Starberry and Berting received. When Mathew accepted the rewards, the system notification sounded and caught the attention of the three players.


[System Notification]

[Chain Quest: Wild Mountain Wolf Hunt!

Rating: S-rated

Current Mission: Rest and prepare for the trial village soldier Tam has prepared for you! Locate village soldier Tam after resting and preparing within the time duration.

Duration: 1 hour]


Village soldier Tam didn't give Mathew time to digest or celebrate the rewards he got. The three players were shocked beyond belief. They just triggered an S-rated quest, a chain quest at the top of that. After seconds of silence, another system notification rang that made them back to their senses.


[System Notification]

[Chain Quest: Wild Mountain Wolf Hunt!]

[Will you accept? Yes or No?]

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