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MMMORPG: The Tales of Souls 5 Going to the Endless Mountains

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Chapter 4: Going to the Endless Mountains

After nearly an hour of trying, Liu Yang finally got some results, he managed to make a small hole before stopping, because, at the last beat, he felt himself being pushed back when he hit the pickaxe in the stone's hole.

Dropping the pick and using his hands to dig the hole, he finds a small dark green crystal the size of a grain of rice.

"Emerald Crystal - Acquired "

Plop ...

"Acquired Mining Ability"

"+2 in all stats"

"I finally got the ability, now I can go to the Endless Mountains."

Looking at his statistics.

Name: Ward

Race: Human

Level: 1

Class: None

HP: 370

MP: 212

Hunger: 100

Attack: 64+ 15

Magic Attack: 64

Defense: 64 + 5

Magic Defense: 64

Critical: 5

Resistance to adverse effects: 5


Strength: 5 + 54

Agility: 5 + 54

Vitality: 5 + 54

Intelligence: 5 + 54

Concentration: 5 + 54

Luck: 5 + 54


Cloth shirt

Cloth trousers

Cloth boot

Rusty iron sword


One-handed Sword Skill - Level 1 (+ 1% damage when using a one-handed sword)

Dagger Skill - Level 1

Skill Level 1 - Level 1

Bow Skill - Level 1

Lance Skill - Level 1

Ax Skill - Level 1

Mining - Level 1

Looking at the entrance site, Liu Yang saw that instructor Norman and old Noel are coming back.

"Thank you old Noel, for the tip"

"Hoho ... Young man, congratulations, it looks like you've mastered the basics of mining skill."

"Yes, thank you."

"Okay, Ward, since you've learned the art of mining, now let's go to the next step, old Noel, in a few days I'll invite you to drink with me, hohoho."

"All right, this old man here needs some alcohol to rest."

After bidding farewell to old Noel, instructor Norman started walking toward the northern end of the city as the two walked, the other players noticed that Liu Yang was being led by the instructor of the training camp, some even began to whisper between yes, while others took more courage and approached Liu Yang.

"Boy, how did you get the instructor's quest? Most of us did not even know the instructor had a quest, tell us, how did you do it?"

The one who blocked the way for Liu Yang and instructor Norman was a tall, sturdy figure with greedy eyes.

"Excuse me, sir, but could not it get in the way?" Instructor Norman tried to stop the curious people who were getting in the way.

"Get lost!!!!! I'm not talking to you, NPC!!!! We're talking this brat here!!!!!!"

"Those who dare to touch this boy within this city can step forward if you have the courage." The instructor said these words in a rather threatening tone.

"What's a mere NPC like you can do to us? Hahaha…"

"Shishi ..". The instructor is laughing and smiling at this group as if he were looking at a bunch of idiots.

"To banish you from the city so that you can never enter here again, nor in the territories of the Lands of Fire, is that a sufficient reason?"

When he finished speaking the crowd went into an uproar with these words.

"Haha ... Who do you think you are to say such great words. Hahaha ... "The tall, sturdy figure does not seem to believe the instructor's words.

"Do you want to do a bet? You can try to touch the kid to see what happens." The instructor did nothing and just waited for the tall, sturdy man to act.

Seeing that the instructor was full of confidence, the tall, sturdy man began to sweat, thinking of the possibility of what the instructor said to be true, if he really got kicked out of the city for such a silly thing, that would be a very shameful and terrible thing, for he would lose its place of leveling and many other things. He would not want to take this risk, so he and his companions stepped back and out of sight.

"And as for the rest of you, are you going to stay on the way, or are you going to do something?" Seeing that the instructor seemed impatient, the crowd dispersed.

"Follow me."

The two continued to walk as if what had just happened had not happened, the instructor began to walk north, and Liu Yang followed, leaving behind a crowd of doubt. Most were still thinking.

"What was the situation that just happened here?" No one knew the answer. They could only keep looking at the two silhouettes disappearing on the horizon.

After almost being on the edge of the city, a huge chain of mountains could be seen, but it was not possible to see its end. To break the silence, Liu Yang asked.

"Instructor Norman, why did you threaten those people back there?"

"Because you are an employee of the city lord, and as such, we can not allow others to hurt you inside the city, for it would be very humiliating, a lord failing to protect her own employees within her territory."

Instructor Norman responds without a change in his face.

"Just for that?"

"Yes, just for that. Well, we've come to the place where you'll work for the next two months. Look straight ahead this is the Endless Mountains."

Looking ahead, Liu Yang saw an immense mountainous chain that spread as far as it could be seen, could not see its end, because of this, this place was called Chain of Endless Mountains.

Just before the road leading to the mountain, a huge stone wall with a large door carved into it stood in the front.

"See that big wall? That is the entrance to one of the parts of this mountain chain, since ancient times this place was surrounded, not even I, who worked here for several decades, do not know what it is that is special in the mountain for such protection.

Liu Yang was surprised by these words.

"Instructor Norman, you mean that this fenced-in place belongs exclusively to the lord of the city?"

"Not exactly, but let's leave this subject aside, let's go to the entrance."

Seeing that the instructor did not want to talk about it, Liu Yang did not insist.

Reaching the front door, a special lock was installed on it. It seemed that the key to opening it, is a kind of square key, like a block of stone.

While Liu Yang was lost in thought, the instructor Norman took a small stone tablet with some old inscriptions, looking more closely, it was possible to see that the tablet is the same size as the opening in the door, this was the key.

"Young man, this is the key to opening the door and temporarily deactivating the barrier, take it, to open the door it is only necessary to put it in the entrance and wait for the barrier to dissipate and the door to open."

That said, the instructor Norman threw the tablet to Liu Yang.

"I have a question before I enter."


"How many people are in this same job these days?"

The instructor did not respond, just raised his forefinger, signaling the number of people, when Liu Yang saw this gesture, he was quite shocked.

"One?!?! So you mean I'm the only worker on this huge mountain?!!" Seeing that Liu Yang was stunned, the instructor begins to explain the reasons.

"You look like you're kind of lost because of this information, but I'll explain why.

First: this barrier does not cover the entire mountain range, only a small part of it, but even though it is a small part, it is still very large;

Second: the reason why there are no workers at this location is that they have not been able to meet the requirements;

third: every four months the lord of the city opens to the public, they can mine the stones and exchange for rewards, the higher the grade of stones, the better the rewards, but they can only enter by paying ten gold coins , because depending on the luck of the individual, you may even find something worth more than the money invested, but these people will only have a time of two months to try to find something.

In addition, at the end of the event, we opened an auction where people could place the items they found on the mountain, but did not want to trade or sell their own items, there would still be some of our creations for sale, such as weapons, accessories or things of the type made in the Lands of Fire, it is worth remembering that our products are one of the most sought after in the human kingdom. For these reasons, young man, I think you must have understood the situation. "


Liu Yang nodded involuntarily without realizing, for he was stunned when he heard that it was necessary to pay ten gold coins to enter.

The coins inside the game were divided into copper, silver, gold, platinum, and card. Copper was the most basic coin of the game, so it was not worth much, the conversion from one currency to another was like this: 100 copper = 1 silver, 100 silver = 1 gold, 100 gold = 1 platinum.

When a player had a large amount of platinum, instead of carrying so much money, the system created a card template where each of its equal a certain amount of platinum, the minimum card needed to have a thousand platinum coins.

If someone wanted to change to the currency again, he would have to go to the exchange bank to receive the coins, that is, if a card that said he had ten thousand platinum coins, and going to the bank, the player could exchange for ten thousand platinum coins.

(Ten gold coins are equivalent to one hundred thousand bronze coins, nowadays I only have ten bronze coins that I received when I entered the game until I could reach that level of wealth, not how long that would take. important now.) That was the thought of Liu Yang.

"I see, but what good are these shiny stones for?"

"These stones serve to refine or forge some equipment, depending on the grade of the stone, the greater the chance and the stronger the item will be after the process. As you walk through the door, taking a few steps, you will find a chart containing information about each type and level of stones, so I will not need to talk about it. That said, the introduction and the loss of time are over. Insert the tablet into the inlet. "

After hearing the long speech of the instructor Norman, Liu Yang followed what instructor Norman said and put the tablet in the hole and waited. Moments later a purple light glowed and the door, which had been closed before, began to open gradually, looking down the entrance, it was possible to see such a picture that the instructor had said and a road that led towards the mountain chain.

"Take it."

The instructor Norman showed a small backpack, picking it up and seeing the contents, note that its were basically dried rations, water, and some mining equipment, it looked like it had enough to last for two to three months.

Looking at the items in the backpack, Liu Yang had a terrible premonition.

"It cannot be ..." Before Liu Yang could speak, the instructor spoke abruptly.

"This is the last thing you need to know: during these two months you will not be able to leave, because the door lock only appears every two months, because of this we prepare enough to survive during this time, but do not worry, having the key, you can leave at any time you want, but once you do, you will not be able to enter again, due to this fact, we hope you choose not to do so, but to spend the next two months working inside. "

Without letting Liu Yang speak, an invisible force pushes him into the door, as he passed the doorway, the door closed automatically, and a purple barrier appeared to cover the door.

Looking at the situation he was in, Liu Yang could not help but think.

(It seems like I've hit a dead end, twenty hours of work? This looks more like two full months of forced labor, but leave it there, since I accepted the quest, it's my duty to go to the end.)

As he thought to himself, Liu Yang walks down the road toward the mountain range.
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