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Chameleon: My True Face 156 It Won't Happen Again

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"Me? Won't food come pretty soon? You can bath for a moment if you want though…" Dongmei was more willing to actually hang out with Wuxing instead, but Anna wasn't giving up.

She turned to Scarlet and asked sincerely, "Scarlet, will you join me too? The water must be great." Naturally, they already talked about it beforehand so Scarlet momentarily agreed.

"Of course!" She repeated Anna's moves and took off her dress through her head with one move which exposed her cute set of underwear. Both ladies had great bodies with ample chests and slim waists which made them look like two models getting ready for a shoot.

Their eyes fell on Katherine at the same time and the cold beauty had no choice but to nod with a sigh.

"I need to take out my bikini first." Katherine went to her room to change. With all three ladies going, it would be strange if Dongmei turned them down.

Anna smiled with bliss and returned to Dongmei who already had a bad premonition of what's going to happen.

"See? Everyone is going! We can make it a ladies playtime. What do you think?" Her eyes were switching between Wuxing and Dongmei as if she was waiting for Wuxing to give a helping hand.

Dongmei also looked at Wuxing, hoping he will help her stay with him but he didn't side with Dongmei this time.

"I think its good to socialize." Wuxing expressed his thoughts as he caught Dongmei into his arms and whispered into her ear. "I also can't wait to see you in a bikini…"

He really wanted their team to work out but if the girls were fighting with each other, it would be tough. For Wuxing the best situation would be when all girls behaved like sisters.

Wuxing gave Dongmei a kiss right in front of the girls to show his love, before letting her go. It definitely helped to convince her as she wasn't as reluctant as she was before.

Before Dongmei said anything in agreement, Anna grabbed onto her hand and dragged both her and Scarlet.

"I bought many new bikinis, don't worry I will give you some! Follow me!" Anna called out excitedly, not letting Dongmei escape.

Wuxing only followed after with his gaze before sitting down on the sofa and waited for them to come out. There was no reason why would he reject such a view.

He could hear a lot of giggles and laughter before the girls finally began leaving the room.

First to go out was Scarlet who already bought herself a nice set and was dying to wear it. She wasn't even a bit embarrassed in front of Wuxing and instead hopped elegantly towards the resting area, stepping barefoot on the wooden tiles.

"How do I look?" She stopped in front of him and made a slow spin, showing her white bikini. For starters, Wuxing was surprised that Scarlet even had a pair of such sexy bikini.

The white patches that barely covered her private parts had black edges and were connected with black strings. There was black ex right on top of her chest, looking like a mark of a treasure on a pirate map.

Her bottom was made out of two-piece bikini creating an illusion that she wore two bikini bottoms at the same time. It greatly underlined her waist and butt which Wuxing appreciated, being a knowledgeable connoisseur.

"It's nice. I like it but didn't we buy another pair though? I liked that cute pair with fringes." Wuxing expressed his opinion but had to ask about the other pair they bought together.

"Oh, I still have it. I just thought you would like something like this so I bought it sneakily." Scarlet explained as she pulled on the strings of her bottom, encroaching it unconsciously, forcing Wuxing to look away. Having Dongmei this close, he didn't want to corrupt himself with other temptations.

"Where are the rest?" He asked as he glanced at Anna room to change the topic, yet Scarlet didn't need to say anything as the door to Katherine's room opened.

To not wet her hair, Katherine tied her hair into a bun with a red ribbon with a few strands of hair falling down on her cheeks. It seemed like she liked anything red as even her one-piece swimsuit had such colour. The only difference from a plain red swimsuit were two moon-shaped cuts on her sides which left a slim patch of material in the middle of her belly which connected bottom and top together.

"They are not ready yet?" She asked calmly, not even looking at Wuxing to check his reaction. "Scarlet do you want to hop into the pool before them?"

"Yes!" Scarlet naturally agreed to the suggestion, not recalling the last time she had a bath in a jacuzzi.

Wuxing didn't like the idea of leaving both Anna and Dongmei alone in one room. Seeing they were not coming back, he walked up to the room and opened the doors to see what they were up to. He didn't expect that what only his dirtiest parts of the brain would think of actually took place.

Dongmei was laying on the bed with Anna on top of her and both of their hands were placed on each other's breasts. Their butts were raised, barely covered by their bikinis after a short skirmish on the bed. When they heard the door opening, Anna and Dongmei froze and looked at the doorstep to see Wuxing looking at them with confusion.

"Babe, its not what you think of." Dongmei immediately tried to explain herself before throwing Anna to the side and pointing at her like a child that did something bad. "She attacked me first."

Anna laughed and countered with her own.

"Me? I only touched your butt! You attacked my chest afterwards!" Anna took her time fixing her cute swimsuit skirt as well as the matching white top, making sure Wuxing sees her naked breast that was exposed.

"Only touched my butt? You smacked it!" Dongmei defended herself, poking on Anna's chest with her finger. She wasn't someone who would easily step down from the fight.

"Ha! You did it again! It seems you like breasts, huh?" Anna pointed at Dongmei's black top in revenge, showing Wuxing she wasn't the one who started it. Now Wuxing knew how the war started between them as in a matter of seconds the girls were poking their breasts, not giving up.

Even though he loved to watch, Wuxing moved forward to stop them.

"Okay, it's enough." He caught their hands and pulled them off the bed. "The food will arrive soon. You won't get the change to enjoy the pool."

He let go of Anna once the both of them regained their balance and hugged Dongmei, stopping her from any other actions.

"Okay, let's go!" Anna didn't change her mood as she too Dongmei's hand and run outside, pulling Dongmei out of his embrace. Wuxing realised Anna did a good job of pulling Dongmei away from him.

'Well, it still doesn't matter. Nothing will change…' Wuxing muttered in his mind as he followed behind them.


When the girls entered the pool, joining Scarlet and Katherine, it hasn't been long before Katherine decided to swim a few laps in the pool. The bubbles from the jacuzzi already made her hair wet which ruined her plans.

"I will go out earlier to dry my hair." She informed the girls as she walked out of the pool, squeezing the water out of her crimson hair.

"Okay~" The others were not that eager to leave, relaxing with hydro-massage after a long flights.

Walking up to Wuxing who was watching them from the inside of the apartment while waiting for a knock on the door, informing the food arrived, Katherine realised she forgot to take her towel.

"Chameleon, can you bring me a tower from my room?" She smiled gently at him, actually asking sincerely.

"Oh," This was the first time Katherine asked him nicely for anything so Wuxing didn't have a reason to reject her. "Sure, I will be right back."

"Thanks." She expressed her gratitude before looking at the direction of the sun, wanting to catch some sunshine.

It wasn't difficult for him to find the towel as it lay down on the bed as if waiting for him. He grabbed it, wanting to walk back but right after he turned around, something caught his head from behind and pulled it.

"Mhmm!" He exclaimed, realising his lips got sealed by something soft only to turn dumbfounded, realising it was Katherine, holding onto his head while kissing him with her eyes closed.

He instinctively responded to the kiss, closing it from his side before realising it wasn't right. Fortunately, Katherine pulled away before he did anything.

"What was that for…?" Wuxing couldn't help but ask confused, not expecting Katherine would actually kiss out of nowhere. It would be a different case if that was Anna, who actually expressed her interest before.

Katherine touched her lips, acting as if she was savouring what she just felt and turned back to her calm self.

"You stole my first kiss already and I didn't want to remember it as an accident so I rewrote that memory. I'm sorry, it won't happen again." She explained herself before taking the towel and walking into her bathroom.

With the sound of closing doors, she left Wuxing with his thoughts.
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