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New Age Of Summoners 179 Meeting in the assassin sec

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As soon as he chose the reward, a small piece of his spirit consciousness came out of him and entered into the space elemental spirit.


     Connecting the host to the space elemental spirit is completed.

'What? Did Prophis become my official contracted space elemental spirit?' Ajax didn't understand what had happened just now.


     No, he didn't form a contract with you yet.

'Then?' Ajax asked the system in his head.


     When the host enters the Elemental spirit world, he can sense the space elemental spirit's location and space elemental spirit can also do the same.


    So, after the host achieves the general realm cultivation in his spirit cultivation and enters the elemental spirit world again, he could form an official contract with the space elemental spirit.

'So, you helped us to sense each other in the elemental spirit world,'

Although Ajax was disappointed with the reward, he felt it was okay.

When the special mission was generated, and he saw the reward for it, he expected that system would help him with the contract. Still, it only made him in sensing the space elemental spirit, Prophis in the elemental spirit.

'I guess, I should be satisfied with this,' Ajax consoled himself and turned to Prophis.

"Prophis, are you feeling anything?" Ajax asked the space elemental spirit.

"Huh?" Prophis didn't understand what Ajax said.

"I mean, are you able to sense me with your spirit consciousness," seeing that Prophis didn't get what he meant, he said once again, but in detail.

Prophis closed his eyes and tried to sense Ajax's presence.

"Huh?" Prophis opened his eyes abruptly and shockingly looked at Ajax.

"How did you do it?" After suppressing his shock, Prophis asked him about his doubt.

The energy form Ajax that entered into Prophis's spirit consciousness was not visible to anyone except for Ajax.

So, Prophis was shocked.

"It will help us to meet in the future when I come here again for my General realm official contract," Ajax didn't explain his question.

Instead, he said how it would be useful in the future?

"Yes, I will wait until then," Prophis was finally excited.

Despite the fact that it would take some months or even years, Prophis was willing to wait for that time to form an official contract.

"Prophis, let's go back. I don't have much time left," Ajax urged him to take him back to his contracted elemental spirits.

"Okay," Prophis nodded his head in understanding and waved his hand, opening a portal big enough for three people.

The entire time, Cerauno didn't talk anything as he didn't understand the deal between them.

Soon they returned to the space elemental region where Ajax left his elemental spirits.

'This awakening process is damn good. Not only did I get two official elemental spirits but also two auxiliary elemental spirits,' he was happy at this trip to the elemental spirit.

As soon as he came out of the portal, Ajax saw that three of his contracted elemental spirits were sitting and resting.

Since they were not in a suitable region that was related to their element, they couldn't cultivate, so they just sat without doing anything.

Seeing Ajax and other elemental spirits coming from the portal, the idle elemental spirit stood up.

When he reached his contracted elemental spirits with Cerauno, Ajax got some system notifications in his head.


     The time to stay in the Elemental spirit world is over.


    Transporting the host's spirit consciousness along with his contracted (Official and unofficial) elemental spirits into his body in 30 seconds.

"Prophis, I will try to come back as soon as possible to form an official contract with you," Seeing the series of system notifications, Ajax said to Prophis, who was the only elemental spirit around him that didn't form a contract with him.

"I will wait," Prophis replied, nodding his head.

Although he couldn't see Prophis's expression, Ajax guessed that he had a smile on his face when he said those words.

"Bye," Ajax nodded his head and disappeared from the elemental spirit world.

"Bye, Prophis" Cerauno also waved his hand at him before disappearing.

Not only Cerauno, all other elemental spirits that were contracted disappeared into thin air.

"I hope he comes back soon," Prophis mumbled, seeing all the contracted elemental spirits that were disappeared in front of him.


In the assassin sect,

"Why do our sect elders conduct a meeting every day?" one assassin sect's disciple asked another.

"I don't know much. But there is a rumour that Five main families were trying to overthrow one of the sects," the second disciple replied in a whisper.

"Really?" the first disciple who asked the question, shouted when he heard those words.

"Dummy, I said it's a rumour," With a smack on first disciple's head, the second disciple scolded him.


In the meeting hall of the assassin sect,

"First elder, what is toady's reason for the meeting," The second elder asked slowly, seeing the meeting hall was full of all the elders of the sect.

From the past few days, there was daily, one meeting, which made all the elders irritated.

Most of the past meetings were about the five main families, which they think, were planning to eliminate one of the sects and making other two sects as their subsidiary families.

Subsidiary families were considered as a servant family that had to pay taxes and send their genius to the main families to be trained.

The geniuses sent to the main families would be turned into the main family member of that family by marrying him/her into that family.

By doing so, the sects would never have any chance to rise again.

"In general, every main family had almost equal strength, but they were still lacking.

However, if all the five main families formed into an alliance, they would have the strength to destroy all the three top sects.

Still, the five main families, have a small doubt about their win, so they were waiting for an appropriate time to attack us," seeing the impatient looks on every sect elder, the first elder who had the highest cultivation shooks his head.

Because even he had been feeling frustrated during these past few days.

Nevertheless, he tried to calm all the elders by saying a few words about the strengths of five families and the top three sects.


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